“Suragan” Movie Trailer Release Ceremony !!

Produced by Karthikeyan under 3rd Eye Cine Creations and directed by Satish Geetha Kumar, the movie “Suragan” is an innovative commercial work. While it was announced that it will be released in theaters on December 1, the trailer launch ceremony of the film was held in the presence of the press and media friends for the film crew to attend.

In this event..

Producer actor Karthikeyan said…
We are proud to present Suragan trailer to one of the four pillars of India, press media friends. Everyone who worked in this film worked with great dedication. As Asokan sir said, we all worked as hard mentally as Vijayakanth sir. In this film, everyone thought they were working in the film. Danger money sir did not think of me as a newcomer but worked hard for me. Money alone doesn’t do everything, love, hard work and faith make things happen. Our team had it. Achu Rajamani has given excellent music. Fans will surely celebrate this film in theaters. The film hits theaters on December 1. Thank you for your support. Thank you Dhananjeyan sir for coming here and greeting us and supporting our team

Art director Dinesh Mohan said…
This is my fourth film. Thanks to director Satish sir. He and I have been friends for a long time and I loved hearing this story from him. For this, we have put aside other film opportunities and made this film with great care and hard work. Thank you for your support.

Stunt Master Danger Money said..
Thanks to director Satish sir for giving me the opportunity. Kudos to Karthikeyan dude who gave full effort in this film and acted without dupes. His work will definitely be talked about. On the production side, they gave everything that was asked for in the film. The visuals are good. Everyone worked very hard in the film. Thanks to everyone. Thank you for supporting the film.

Actress Subiksha LA spoke…
Thank you director for trusting me. Hero Karthikeyan gave huge support. He has worked very hard. This is an amazing team. Their hard work will definitely be talked about. Please go to the theater and support. Thank you.

Actress Diya said..
Although it is a small role in this film, they have given a very important role. My role will be the turning point of the story. Thanks to the director for the opportunity. Everyone encouraged and encouraged me during the shoot. Thanks to all. Support the film.

Actor Vincent Asokan said..
Soorakan’s role as a villain in the film was clear as the director narrates the story. The upcoming directors are also giving a compelling character to the villain. Thanks to director Satish for giving me this role. He buys the performance by clearly telling each and every one that he wants a clean shave and you have to look like this. I liked it. When I saw Hero Fight, I remembered Vijayakanth sir. Hero has suffered a lot. This film will definitely be talked about. Thanks to everyone.

Director Satish Geetha Kumar said..
Thanks to everyone who came here to say hello. Everyone has worked very hard in this film. Special thangs at this is an action movie. Usually I design the action sequences myself but Mani has worked very hard to bring it all to the screen. The film is about a suspended police officer who tries to save a woman who is beaten up on the road and what troubles he gets into. Now I am apologizing for the fact that I have taken work without giving rest to anyone in this film. Karthikeyan and I are friends. We made this film after talking for a long time. Though an action film, Karthikeyan was a martial arts learner so it was easy. Danger Money also got the action right, so this film went smoothly. When Achu Rajamani narrated the story, he enthusiastically agreed and gave 4 songs. Subiksha has done a good role. Vincent Asogan has done a different villain role. Thank you to everyone who will definitely like the movie.

Producer Dhanancheyan said..
Karthikeyan is very active and will do anything actively. Congratulations to the crew. Journalists here will definitely celebrate if they give a good piece of content. Our only duty is to give a good film. We just need to do that. The trailer of this movie is good and I hope the movie will be good too. Congratulations to Karthikeyan for his debut in action.

V. Karthikeyan, Subhiksha Krishnan, Vincent Asokan, Shadows Ravi, Mansoor Alikhan, Pandiyarajan, Vinothini Vaidyanathan, Jeeva Ravi, Suresh Menon, Reshma Pasubuletty, Danger Mani etc