ZEE5 has released the trailer of the highly anticipated Tamil Original Documentary Series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ !!~’Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ is an original documentary series that closely chronicles the life and history of India’s most notorious forest robber, Veerappan. The series will premiere on 8th December exclusively on ZEE5~India, 23 November 2023: ZEE5, India’s largest leading video streaming platform and multilingual storyteller, today released the trailer of its next action packed Tamil original series documentary series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’. The series provides an intimate look into the life of forest bandit Goose Munisamy Veerappan and his criminal history. Through real-life scenes and first-hand accounts of people close to him and the authorities who tirelessly tried to nab him, the series vividly portrays Veerappan’s enigmatic personality and his criminal background. The unique feature of this series is that it narrates his entire life story, primarily in Veerappan’s own words. Not only that but it also reveals unknown facts about many events that took place around him. The original Tamil series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ will be streaming on ZEE5 from December 8 in four languages – Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Telugu.Veerappan, the most popular figure who hunted the dense forests of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala for three decades, met his end in a dramatic encounter with the Special Task Force (STF). His life story, which has become history, is part of the police files. The upcoming ZEE5 Tamil Original Series ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ is a unique documentary narrated by Veerappan in his own words. This series gives a new perspective on his life.Trailer Link: Kalra, Chief Commercial Officer, ZEE5 India said;”We are delighted to bring to the audience ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’, a series about India’s well-known forest bandit, which presents the lesser-known aspects of his life. The series sheds light on many unknown sides of his troubled life. Veerappan’s life and his profound impact on the community, his We believe that this documentary series will provide a fresh insight into a society where so many fabricated stories of success stories are circulating. The series will engage the audience as it explores the depths of the criminal world of India’s past that will make the audience think about the different faces of human life.”Journalist Nakiran Gopal said, “We went through great efforts, many hardships and risks to get an interview with Veerappan. For the first time, a more detailed version of this interview will be presented to viewers on ZEE5 OTT platform as a documentary titled “Koosa Munisamy Veerappan”. It is imperative that Veerappan’s story is portrayed with honesty and integrity, including the stories of the victims. This series is not just a documentary; It has all the makings of an engaging action thriller.Producer Prabhavathy said, “We have established ‘Theeran Productions’ with the aim of producing and showcasing local stories of world class. We believe that our first production ‘Koosa Munisamy Veerappan’ will be a high-quality docu-series that sets the example for the ‘talk-series’ genre in India and will bring an innovative experience to fans and viewers.’Koosha Munisamy Veerappan’ premieres exclusively on ZEE5 on 8th December!About ZEE5ZEE5 is India’s leading OTT platform and multi-lingual storytelling platform for millions of viewers. ZEE5 originates from Global Content Powerhouse, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). Being a favorite video streaming platform for all, the site has been around for consumers; It offers viewers a vast screen library of over 3,500 images and a vast library of stories; 1,750 TV shows, 700 originals and 5 lakh hours of content. Best Original Movies, Indian and International Movies, TV Shows, Music, Kids Shows, Edtech, Cineplays, News, in 12 languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Gujarati and Punjabi). It includes Live TV, and health and lifestyle content. It’s a robust and deep technology stack created from a partnership of global technology players. Seamless and personalized content in 12 languages to suit multiple devices and multiple ecosystem: ZEE5 offers an immersive viewing experience.Also follow ZEE5 on social media:Facebook – – –