Actor Vishal who fulfilled the request of the government school

Actor Vishal’s Birthday in August All over Tamil Nadu district wise union, city area and other states such as Pondicherry, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala and Mumbai are organized by the people’s welfare movement on actor Vishal’s birthday in destitute elderly, children’s homes, students , organized and conducted welfare and charity functions for the benefit of students and people.

Based on this, Central Chennai District Revolution Leader Vishal organized a welfare program meritorious ceremony for the students studying in Government A.I.W.C High School in Chintadirippet on behalf of the People’s Welfare Movement. As requested by the school management, actor Vishal needs a television (Android TV) for the students of the school to learn the visionary curriculum. In the case of the theft of a working television (Android TV) already in our school, filing a complaint with the nearest police station was of no avail.
There is no responsibility on the part of the government, so when a request was made for a television (Android TV) on behalf of your Devi Foundation, the request was brought to the attention of actor Vishal and immediately actor Vishal provided a big television (Android TV) to his school.

Actor Vishal, who fulfilled the request of the school administration, was congratulated by the teachers and students of the school.

Actor Vishal received the gift of hand painted items made by the students of the school and sent a video recording congratulating the students.