Inauguration ceremony of the movie ‘Naan Kasaisivarai Tamizhan’, directed and produced by MA Rajendran, composed by Tamil film legend D. Rajendar and composed by D. Rajendar

MA on behalf of CRT Company. Rajendran wrote the story, screenplay, dialogues and produced the film “Naan Kasaisivarai Tamizhan”. The multifaceted artist T.Rajender wrote the songs and composed the music for this film.

The details of the actors and actresses and other technical artists who will act in the film will be announced soon.

The opening ceremony of the Tamil film I Till the End was held at Pilliyar Temple in Prasad Lab, Chennai with tharai thappatai jungka pooja. Later, the film name announcement ceremony took place at the Digital Theatre. D. Rajender, the famous director and music director of the film, attended and lit a candle and congratulated him.

Tamil Nadu Film Small Investment Producers Association President RK Anbu Selvan, actors Iman Annachi, Karate Raja, Nirmal, actor producer Nataraj and many others participated in the ceremony.

Earlier, producer and director MA Rajendran spoke:

I welcome everyone who came to the opening ceremony of the last Tamil film. Everyone listens to everything. All are our brothers and sisters. We may be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, but first we are human. Tamil means history, my Tamil has many names like Arundhamil, Senthamil, Dindamil.. We can go on and on.

I welcome everyone who has come to this festival including multifaceted artist D. Rajender, small film investment producer Anbuch Selvan, Iman Annachi, Nirmal, Raja, Jaibabu, Natarajan. Thanks
Till the end, the story of Tamilan film is set in a very different way. Father is a scientist, son is a soldier. Both sacrifice their lives for the country. Why and why is the story.

Tamil means creator of history. Avatar 2nd part movie in English is shot in 160 languages. Surpassing that, Tamil films are produced in 163 languages. Be it any religion we will be human first if avatar movie is possible then i will make tamilan film possible till last tamilan is world history forever…

The details of the actors, actresses and technicians of the film will be announced soon.

Actor Karate Raja said:

It was a pleasure to participate in this event. When I was a kid, I used to sing T.Rajender’s songs to the beat. I like his songs. Congratulations to the director MA Rajendran, who has such a wonderful title that I remember the name of the film, I am a Tamilian till the end. I wish the film success.

Actor Imman Annachi said:

Till the end of Tamil this film is being produced in 163 languages. It is a pleasure to participate in the launch of this film. The most special thing about this event is that DR, a legend who dominated the Tamil film industry, has come here.

In a few days, there is talk about who will be given the title of superstar. If you ask me, that title can be given to D. Rajender. (After saying this, D. Rajender got up and said no to all that).

RK Anbuselvan said:

As soon as I hear the title Tamilan till the end, heroism is born. Versatile artist D. Rajender is composing the music for the film. As soon as he heard the title of the film he agreed to compose the music for Pannari Amman.

Director and music director D. Rajender spoke:

Director MA Rajendran said that I will keep the name Tamilan till the end for this film. If you say Rajendran, the ability is there in this Rajendra place. I stopped composing music after Pannari Amman. The reason I agreed to compose the music for this film was because of the word Tamil in the film title. If I call Murugan, I will call loudly. Murugan means Tamil, and there is Tamil in the movie Tamilan till I am Kaada.C. What I like about director Rajendran is his stubbornness, I am stubborn. I said to director Irajendran why say Tamil till the end, say Tamil till you are alive, say Tamil till you are conscious, say Tamil till you breathe, say Tamil till you can speak. No sir. He said that till the end I like Tamilan. The title he said gave me Malapu Tamil means sweet. I liked that determination. If you want to say more, the film is titled in Tamil. So I agreed to compose music.