Dhileepan Pugazhendi and Athulya palakkal – Awaits the Arrival of their first baby in February 2024!Dhileepan Pugazhendhi, the grandson of Pulavar Pulamaipithan, fell in love with Malayalam Social Media Star Athulya Palakkal and got married to her 6 months ago.Time has hurried up swiftly and it is 6 months now while they eagerly await a new arrival in their family in February 2024! Dhilipan Pugazhendi’s ‘YEVAN’ was a hit at the box-office, this year. Following that, ‘Saagaavaram’ is in the final stages of its shooting. ‘Antony’ is in the initial stages of production. These two films are going to be released as Pan India films in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam next year.Let us get ready to welcome the New Arrival(s)..