* ‘J Baby’ tells a beautiful story of family relationships. Releasing on Women’s Day.*Produced by Pa. Ranjith Actress Urvashi, Dinesh and Maran starrer J Baby is releasing on March 8 on Women’s Day.The films produced by Pa. Ranjith’s Neelam Productions so far are films that contain social conceptshas come out.’

J Baby’ is a film that talks about family relationships and is made with an emphasis on comedy.The special screening of the movie J Baby was recently screened for the cinema industry. Everyone who saw the film and the crewThe director of the film, Suresh Mari, and the producer of the film, Pa. Ranjith, have been highly praised.A film to watch with the family, it will make you laugh and think. Those who come to the theater to watch the film must bring their mothers along. Director Suresh Mari says this is a film for everyone. ‘J Baby’ is released by Shakti Film Factory.