Thirukkural is made into a movie.

Directed by A.J. Balakrishnan.On behalf of Ramana Communications Company, we have produced and released the biography of Karmaveerar Kamaraj as a movie titled “Kamaraj”. The film, which received a special award from the Government of Tamil Nadu, is a document of Kamaraj history.Currently, we are making the world’s best charity book, Thirukkuralai, into a movie.Although Valluvan gave himself to the world, the voice of Bharathi, the famous Tamil Nadu, is not excessive, but only after GU Pope translated Thirukkurala into English, the Western intellectual world recognized the superiority of Tamil, Tamil culture and Tamil people.Mahatma, the father of the nation, and Thiruvalluvar , the compiler of Tirukkural, are today known as the faces of India in the world arena and among scholars. Thirukkural was introduced to Gandhiji only after the famous Russian writer ‘Tolstoy’ mentioned it in a letter.”There is no glory in those who tell tales in secret among us.If it is good learning, it should be worshiped by foreigners.”We decided to make Thirukkural as a movie based on Bharati’s lines.Tirukkural is the most translated book in the world after the Bible. Print media is only for the literate. Visual media can reach all the people of the world without any barriers; Like music; Like a painting;This is also one of the reasons for making Thirukkural as a movie.Thirukkural conveys Himalayan concepts easily in two languages. But it was realized while writing the screenplay that it is not so easy to contain the inner light of Thirukkural, its vitality within a three-hour movie.Kural is not just propaganda literature, although it is a book of justice that appeared to emphasize virtue. A wonderful work of poetry and aesthetics. We have tried to reflect this in screen language as well.A creator can be known through a creation. When trying to visualize a kurala, Thiruvallu comes alive through it, blood and flesh. In this way, Thiruvalluvarum has permeated and filled the entire screenplay. Like the smell of a flower..Valluvar, with his mischievous eyes as ‘Parandu Keduka Ulagiyariyayan’, who is angry with charity, stands as a gentle lover as ‘Anichamum Annathin Thuvi’.Along with Tiruvalluvar, we are going to record Tamil Nadu two thousand years ago in this film. The film depicts various small kingdoms like Moovarashodu, Venadu, Poozhinadu, Pujnadu, Aruvanadu, Valluvanadu and the heroic battle scenes between the Tamil scholars. The film is going to talk about the culture, industry and business life of the Tamils of those days.Along with all the data like philosophy, ethics, politics, economics and sociology of the day, five Nila Mantras of the Sangam era are featured in this film.’Kamaraj’, Chief Minister Mahatma, we who have produced films, this work is a first for us!We are planning to screen the film worldwide with subtitles in all the languages in which Tirukkural has been translated.The selected technicians are being selected for this film.Kamaraj Movie Screenplay, Subtitled Chembur.K Jayaraj has written the screenplay for this movie. Directed by A.J. Balakrishnan.Ramana Communications is producing the film and the launch event for the film will be held on the upcoming Thiruvalluvar Day.