Hello, due to heavy rains in Tuticorin for the last one week, all areas are flooded. People are struggling without any basic facilities including electricity, drinking water and food. In this situation, according to the request of our friends Ganesan and Swarnalatha from Tuticorin, our relief items like toothpaste, press body pain pills, ORS glucose, wheat flour, biscuits, shampoo, napkins, etc. were distributed along with their companion, Padakoti Salark, a fisherman from Tuticorin. Thanasekaran Nagar Muthammal Colony Adiparashakti Nagar Rajiv Nagar where more than 3000 families are still suffering without basic amenities, when we provided what we could, they bought the goods with great gratitude. As electricity and drinking water are still not available in many places, people are suffering a lot. On our way back after giving food to the victims, we rescued many people including a sick child and an old woman. Then they said that ‘even if we get out of here, we are suffering in a situation where we cannot go back, we are suffering in a situation where we don’t know where the bottom is and where the top is, with the snake bite card and everything. We helped as much as we could by providing food and household items and rescued as many people as possible and brought them out. Thanks to my friend Ganesan Sornalatha and Challar who cooperated with me in this work.

With love Vijay Vishwa