Title Look of Nakul Starrer ‘The Dark Heaven’ Suspense Thriller: Sasikumar, Bharat, Sibiraj Released!Actors Sasikumar, Bharath and Sibiraj have released the title look of Nakul’s suspense thriller film ‘The Dark Heaven’.This ‘The Dark Heaven’The film is directed by Balaji and produced by Team B Production House.A village is mysteriously murdered once every 25 years.No one considered the continuity between the murders. When someone in town talks about it, othersThey consider it as a story and pass by without believing it.When such a murder takes place, an inspector named Yumbari comes to work. He investigates the background of the murder and investigates the mysteries hidden behind it. Unafraid of the darkness hidden in the murders, he actively searches with the lamp of investigation.Many mysterious knots unravel. The Dark Heaven is a suspense thriller in which Nakul plays the role of an investigator and Renu Soundar plays the heroine. He is from Kerala.An actor from Sri Lanka plays an unexpected role. Charan, Keshavan, John Alex, Manoj, Antony Bragan, Danny Dayal, to name a few come in roles.Manikandan PK is the cinematographer for the film, who did the cinematography for D3. Music is composed by Shakti Balaji. He has already composed the music for the film Uthuppal. Raja Arumugam is editing the film. He has worked for D3, Label Films.The shooting of this film, which has various talented youths, is going to take place in full swing.As such stories cross language boundaries, this film is made in multiple languages like Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.The title look of the film has been released and is garnering a lot of attention.