Meghna Unnikrishnan, an amazing college student who paints while dancing Bharata Natyam*

Meghna Unnikrishnan is a second year Visual Communication student in Chennai. Her Bharatnatyam performance was recently held at Sridevi Niruthyalaya.

Not only as a Bharatanatyam but also as a dancer, he left everyone in awe by painting the entire image of Lord Vishnu in the incarnations of Narasimha and Varaha on the painting board.

Meghna Unnikrishnan, who started learning Bharatanatyam at the age of four, has been supported till date by her mother Manju Unnikrishnan and Mrs. Sheela Unnikrishnan, who trained her in painting along with Bharatanatyam.

Meghna is also currently working as a training teacher at Sridevi Niruthyalaya, where she learned Bharatam. The 63rd performance of Meghna’s Bharatanatyam was held there.