• Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Hon’ble M.K. Actor Rajkumar’s wedding presided over by Stalin*

Actor Rajkumar, who made his debut to Tamil fans with the film ‘Naduvula Kalta Pakkatha Kanom’, and a woman named Saju from Coimbatore got married today at the Kamarajar Arangam in Chennai. The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Hon’ble M.K. Stalin presided over the wedding and blessed and congratulated the bride and groom.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin speaking after conducting the marriage said,
Thirumangalam Gopal’s wife Sarojini
While delivering the thank you speech, he said some news. In other words, the leader artist presided over Thirumangalam Gopal’s wedding. He mentioned that the marriage of his three children was presided over by the leader artist. The marriage of his fourth son, Rajkumar, takes place under my leadership. From now on, I have the hope that I will conduct marriages for his successors, grandsons, granddaughters.. under my leadership. We are entitled to that extent. Thirumangalam Gopal family is so committed to us and the association. Thirumangalam Gopal was a hard worker for the party. He is always sharp.

The President Kalainar and the General Secretary Professor decided to form an organization called Youth Team as a subsidiary organization of DMK. Thirumangalam Gopal was the person who traveled safely with me for about 30 percent of the time when I toured all over Tamil Nadu for that.

Rajkumar, the youngest heir of Tirumangalam Gopal and Mrs. Sarojini of Madurai, was engaged by the parents to Saju, the daughter of Chakul Ameedu and Shakila Bhanu of Mettupalayam, Coimbatore district. Their wedding took place today at the Kamaraj Arena in Chennai. On this occasion the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Hon’ble M.K. Stalin, Ministers Duraimurugan, K. N. Nehru, D. R. Balu, Shekhar Babu, Chennai West District DMK Secretary Chitarasu, Tamil Nadu Housing Board President Puchi Murugan, DMK Organizational Secretary R. S. Bharti, DMK spokesperson D. K. S. Ilangovan, Central Chennai Member of Parliament Dayanidhi Maran, Kanyakumari Constituency Lok Sabha Member Vijay Vasanth, Film Directors Pushkar-Gayatri, Balaji Dharanidharan, Delhi Prasad Deenadayal, Actor Bux alias Bhagwati Perumal, Actress Gayatri, Director Karthik, Cinematographer Saras Kanth, Director and Producer Raj, Cinematographer Govind, director Amirtharaj and celebrities from the film industry and politicians congratulated the bride and groom.