Karthi fans giving food to 25 thousand people

Daily Food Delivery Program launched by Producer SR Prabhu – Director Rajumurugan

To celebrate Karthi’s 25th film ‘Japan’, his fans are giving food to 25,000 people at the rate of 1,000 daily for 25 consecutive days from today. SR Prabhu, the producer of the film ‘Japan’, and Rajumurugan, the director of the film jointly launched this daily food donation program which was started by the Karthi People’s Welfare Forum. All India Secretary of Karthi People’s Welfare Forum including state administrators and district leaders were present on this occasion.

‘Japan’ is actor Karthi’s 25th upcoming film. Actor Karthi expressed his desire to provide food to 25 thousand people. In order to fulfill his wish, on behalf of Karti People’s Welfare Forum and Plowman Foundation, instead of giving food to 25 thousand people in one day, they planned to give food to 1 thousand people every day for 25 consecutive days from today.

Karthi fans have informed that this food distribution will continue from today, October 17th, till November 10th, when the movie ‘Japan’ is released. During this, delicious food is served to thousands of people every day in various parts of Chennai.
Seeing this project which has been started with the noble aim of feeding the hungry, Karthi People’s Welfare Council administrators said that even if someone gives food to a hungry person, Karthi’s mission will be successful.

Today, October 17th in Chennai. All India Secretary of Karti People’s Welfare Forum Veeramani, State Administrators, Chennai Zonal Coordinator and District Heads were present in Nagar area. Producer of ‘Japan’ S. R. Prabhu and director Rajumurugan flagged off the program of offering delicacies to a thousand people.

For the success of Karthi’s 25th film ‘Japan’, the leading star actor of Tamil film industry.. The film fraternity and fans have congratulated Karthi and his people’s welfare council for carrying out the noble project of providing food to 25 thousand people for 25 days.