Produced by Nallusamy Pictures, produced by Thai Saravanan and directed by Suchinthran, Vijay Antony, Faria Abdullah, Bharathiraja and Sathyaraj starrer “Vallimail” is a new movie. The teaser release of the film, which has become a sensational thriller based on the 80s drama, was held in the presence of press and media friends for the film crew to attend.

In this ceremony

Director Suchinthran said…
This is my 4th film with Nallusamy Pictures. Valli Mayil started out as a crime thriller. The story revolves around a villain. Prakashraj sir has threatened. 7th film with Iman sir, we will work on many more films. Working with Vijay Antony sir, for the first time. Your film sir came to do what you say, thanks to him. Lots of characters after the vanilla kabaddi team film. Sathyaraj sir is the most important role, there will be 4 people around him and Vijay Antony will have a big crowd of 4 people around him. Faria Abdullah played the most important role, brilliantly. A very complex story, we have tried to tell it very simply. Thanks to the technicians who worked hard for me in this film. This movie created a very pleasant experience. It’s just the teaser ceremony, there’s more to come. I will share more. Thank you for your support.

Fashion designer Radhika said..,
The film is set in the 80s, so I had a lot of work to do. We have looked at each one and put a lot of effort into it. This film needs your support. Thanks.

Lyricist Viveka said,
Valli Mayil is a pure Tamil name, the name itself is very beautiful. I have written many songs for Vijay Antony as music composer. But this is the first film as an actor. Very happy. I have been working with Iman since the beginning. Director Ssuchendran is a socially responsible director. He has given a good work. My best wishes to everyone working on this film. Wish this film success.

Producer Praveen said..
This movie is amazing. I came in as a financier, took the film and took part in the production. A very wonderful experience. Vijay Antony has worked hard. Suchindran has made it very superbly. Congratulations to all and thank you.

Fighting Training Director Rajasekhar said..
I learned a lot from Suchindran in this film. Vijay Antony will do exactly what he says. Very cooperative. Sad that Satyaraj sir has no fight. Thanks for watching the movie and giving your feedback.

Music composer Iman said..
Thanks to Nallusamy Pictures. Sucheenthran sir told this story a few years ago. It is a pleasure to see that the film that started there is now complete. Vijay knew Antony sir from early days. I have met him as a sound engineer. Little by little his growth is very pleasing. Sucheenthran always talks only about cinema. This film will be a huge hit for him. It is a pleasure to compose music for a film starring Sathyaraj sir. My best wishes to everyone working on this film. Wish this film success.

Actor Vijay Antony said,
It was a very good experience working with Suchindran sir. While shooting for Beggar, this film was forced to work. I learned a lot about directing in this film. Thank you Suchindran sir. It’s great to be on screen with Sathyaraj sir, I’m a huge fan of him. I am also a fan of Iman. I have always been interested in his music. His father is close to me. His growth is pleasing. This movie is different. you will like Congratulations to all the crew and thank you.

Actor Sathyaraj said…
We cannot talk about our principles in many of the films we act in. We have come to work, we will do what we have to do and leave. But I am happy that this film has become a film where my principles can be spoken. Sucheenthran shoots every film differently. He has another story, if it comes out it will be an even bigger film. Vijay Antony is a great man, clear about what comes his way. It was a pleasure to act with him. Glad to have titled Valli Mayil after female character. Thanks to Vijay Antony for agreeing to it. I have heard great things about Iman. He composed music for a film I know without getting paid, thank you for your kindness. Faria is the best heroine, she does whatever she says. Innovative storyline. I am waiting for this movie like you, thank you.

D.Iman is composing the music for the film, which is in full swing. Bhaskar writes Shakti verse. Cinematography –  Vijay Chakraborty, Editor – Antony, Art Director – Udayakumar,

Public Relations

  • Satish AIM, Publicity Designs – Tuney John are working on the team. Aranthangi Nisha, Kani Agathian, Sunil of Pushpa fame, Redin Kingsley, GP Muthu, Dayalan and many other actors are acting along with them.