First Achievement in Tamil Film History

A writer from Karaikal and living in Singapore, Millat Ahmed has produced a film called “Aandhai”. This film will be released in theaters on February 16. This is the first time in the history of Tamil cinema that he has done ten departments in the first film in the history of Tamil cinema, namely, “Acting, Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Song, Voiceover, Background Voice, Dance, Production and Co-Director”.

London Book of World Records and India Book of World Records have recognized and registered this achievement and issued a World Record holder certificate. He was also named as an achiever in the film industry from the state of Puducherry.

Meanwhile, Puducherry Chief Minister N. He met and congratulated Rangaswamy. He congratulated and blessed the film “Andhai” to be a success and give many more good films. It is noteworthy that Millat Ahmed made a world record by writing a short story in five words in 2021.

Initially, I did only five departments in the movie Anthiya, namely story, screenplay, dialogue, songs and co-direction. During the recording of the song “Uthu Raa”, music composer Ram asked me to speak the lines of the song. I spoke well, so we kept it as it was. Then we had to shoot some scenes and a song sequence in Pondicherry. As the director could not come, I went and directed it. Then I choreographed for Psycho. Well done, you will know if you watch the movie. Then during dubbing I have spoken a police character, a biker, a telephone voice, a verse about a woman and a health advice. I have also acted in this film. So nine departments have arrived. Finally I became the producer myself as the original producers of this film could not continue to travel. After finishing the film, I have done 10 sections. Usually only four or five departments do in the first film. We reported this to London Book of World Records and India Book of World Records. He said that they investigated and finally approved the achievement.