May the director be successful and the people will go to Kuiko – Actor Vidharth

Guygo movie with screenplay like Malayalam films – actor Prince

We suffered a lot to protect Vidhar – Director Arul Chezhiyan

Kuiko releases in theaters on November 24

The movie ‘Kuiko’ is produced by AST Films LLP. Vidharth and Yogi Babu are acting as the heroes of the story. Along with them, Prince, Muthukumar, Sripriyanka, Durga, Vinodini Vaidyanathan and many others have played important roles. Arul Sezhiyan, the writer of Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Andavan Kattalai’, is making his directorial debut with this film. Popular playback singer Anthony Dasan has composed music for the film. Popular playback singer Anthony Dasan has composed music for the film. Cinematography by Rajesh Yadav and cinematography by Ram Pandian. Subramanian Narayanan looks after the production supervision. As the film with a different plot is getting ready for release, a press meet was held in Chennai today.

Cinematographer Rajesh Yadav said, “When you think of a story about a hill village, visuals like Yercaud and Ooty appear in front of your mind. He showed the location in photos. He traveled for a year to the place where the story was set and told him what each season looks like. It’s easy to say a beautiful village, but it’s a challenge to visualize it.” I asked if we could check the location. There were only 40 houses in that village. When we got down to that town, the signal was broken. The whole town was full of gardens. They were growing flowers in that town. We came looking for a nice green location. But the film got postponed and the shooting was scheduled to start in the sun of May.’ Shooting in Vellore in the month of May?”The hill didn’t scare us like everyone else did. But the sun shone for two days after we came down from the hill. As there was no permission from the forest department to shoot a song, we looked at another location. So Vellore was made to look like Switzerland.”

Durga, who is paired opposite Yogi Babu, said, “Vidarth sir is my godfather. I am not saying this sarcastically. I have learned a lot from him. Prince and I talked one day after finishing the shoot and drinking coffee. He talked, talked, and talked so much that I felt that he had shed so much wisdom. Yogi Babu Saru and Normala will be just like what we all see on screen. He will always smile and smile.”

Actor Muthukumar said, “They told a lot of stories after Charbatta Paramparai. The story told by Arul Chezhiyan was very interesting. The film is about the life of simple people. For me, the character gives money on interest. He has told the pain of money on interest. This film will not disappoint the audience under any circumstances. One hundred percent entertainment is guaranteed. giving.”

Actor Ilaxasu said, “If young journalists have a dream of cinema, come to the cinema soon. Don’t wait. Come now and hit the cinema. Journalism industry will take away your time and effort. Fortunately, Arulchezhiyan has come now. The film is available, Chellappillai Yogi Babu, Ferform hero Vidhart, cinematographer Rajesh Yadav. Come on. But on the first day of shooting, what should you put as the first shot in sixty scenes? Even if it is Akira Kurosawa, this problem will arise. To overcome it, the kindness of both the associate director and the cameraman is necessary. Such a team was created by Arul Chesilan. Apart from that, what is special about this film? In Malayalam cinema. Just as you liked the book, go ahead and make the screenplay of Taku Takun. In cinema, the screenplay is more important than the story. It is suitable for some scripts. In this film, he has created a wonderful screenplay with an emotion for the freezer box.

Women generally want to make themselves look beautiful. In this film, the heroine Sripriyanka was standing with an oily face. I went and said, ‘Let’s touch up’. They said, ‘No sir, the story should be like this’. It was surprising that a heroine got involved with the film as she had to have a face suitable for the situation so as not to miss the continuity.

Vidharth is yet to find a role that suits his talent. Vimal, Vidharth and Vijay Sethupathi acted as the hero’s friends and are now the hero. Vidharth’s achievements in cinema are known. But if he plays the scene of the drama Bharatham, and throws water on him as he goes behind the screen, the spirit of Boss will go away. If you blow on the water, the spirit will fly. It’s not uncommon for an actor to become a character.