Evanum Budhanillai, the story of hill village people fighting for education and medicine, will be released soon.

V Cinema Global Networks’ movie “Evanum Budhanillai” has been produced by V Cinema Global Networks.

S.Vijayasekaran wrote the story and screenplay and directed.

Both Nabi Nandi and Sarath have acted as protagonists.

Swasika plays the female lead, Snehagan in the lead role and
Poonam Kaur has acted.

and Vela.Ramamurthy,
I am God Rajendran, Sangimurugan, MS Bhaskar, Singamuthu, Muru, Aru, KTS Bhaskar, Marimuthu, Basanga Sivakumar, Subbaraj, M. Karthikeyan, Kadhal Saravanan have acted.

The film has cinematography by Raja C. Shekhar, music by Maria Manohar, cinematography by Suresh Ars, songs by Snegan.
Lyrics by SD Suresh Kumar, Art Direction by A. Palanivel.
Stunt – Regards, Michael in Miracle.
Public Relations – Maunam Ravi, Manavai Bhuvan.

Director S.Vijayasekaran shared about the film…

7130 feet high mountain village with the life of the people, the hardships they go through for education and medicine.
We have made Evanum Budhanillai as a popular film.

Made as an action thriller film, the film has six fight scenes. Director S.Vijayasekaran said that all the work of the film has been completed and it will be released in theaters soon.