Keerthi won’t take acting with three heroines wrong – Ashokselvan on Sabanayakan audio release

Speaker will be a panacea for your stress” – Ashok Selvan

Speaker – A Nostalgia Trip Gives the Experience – Ashokselvan

Saba Nayagan is a film directed by CS Karthikeyan, starring Ashok Selvan as the hero. The heroines are Megha Akash, Karthika Muralitharan and Chandini Chelatri. Along with them, Arun from popular YouTube channel Nakkalites, Jayseelan of Erumaisani channel fame, Sriram from Certified Rascals, etc. have played important roles. Mylaswamy, Tulsi, Michael Thangadurai, Zerlin Seth, Vivia Chand and many others have acted with them. Leon James, who gave hit songs in Ashok Selvan’s O My God, has also composed the music for the film. His disciple Dinesh Purushothaman and Prabhu Raghav have done the cinematography along with cinematographer Balasubramaniam. Produced by Arvind Jayapalan on behalf of Clear Water Pictures, Ayyappan Gnanavel on behalf of I Cinema and Captain Meghavanan on behalf of Captain Mega Entertainment, the film is slated to release on December 15. The press meet of the film was held in Chennai.

Director CS Karthikeyan said, “Sabhanayagan is a kind of nostalgia film that recreates the blossoming memories of our school and college days. All of us have had some sort of crush on some girl during our school and college days. In this film we have talked about the three stages of life namely school life, college life and married life. This movie is a movie that all the fans can enjoy with their family. Thanks to I Cinemas Ayyappan Gnanavel and all other producers who believed in me and gave me an opportunity to direct my first film. Thanks to actor Ashok Selvan for the opportunity.”

The film’s music director, Leon James, said, “Following the success of the songs in Oh My God, this is the second time my friend Ashokselvan and I have teamed up in this Sabanayagan film. This movie is a movie where we go to the theater together with a group of friends and enjoy it. I loved the movie and the songs. Hope you all like it. The visuals for the songs were very well done and beautifully shot. It was a great experience composing music for such a fun film. Everyone who watches the film will definitely experience a nostalgia trip. Thanks to everyone.” said.

Balasubramaniam, one of the cinematographers of the film, said, “Hello everyone. The producer of this film is my friend. He introduced me to director Karthikeyan. I loved the story when Karthikeyan narrated it. It seemed to me that stories like this don’t come around these days. .There are three periods in the film. In this, we shot college life in the first schedule. I did the cinematography on it. Then my disciple Dinesh shot the second schedule i.e. school life… Prabhu Raghav shot the post college life part. My best wishes to the film crew too.

Dinesh Purushothaman, another cinematographer of the film, said, “Cinematographer Balasubramaniam is my guru. Thank you to my Gurunath for giving me this opportunity, director CS Karthikeyan, actor Ashok Selvan and all the producers who accepted it and gave me a chance.”

Prabhu Raghav, the third cinematographer, said, “Hello everyone. Thanks to all the producers who gave me the chance. Thanks to director Karthikeyan. Thanks to Ashok Selvan sir. Friends of the press should support this film. He spoke.

Naxalite YouTube fame actor Arun said, “Acting in this movie was a great opportunity for me. My first thanks to director CS Karthikeyan for giving me such an important opportunity in my film journey. I hope I have kept the faith of the director who had more faith in me than I did. My best wishes to my fellow YouTubers like Jayseelan Sriram who acted with me in the film. Acting with them was an unforgettable experience. Acting with Michael Annan was also a memorable experience. Even though there were no scenes with him, he gave us great encouragement from behind. I consider it an honor to act in Balasubramaniam sir’s cinematography. My thanks to him and other cameramen, the songs are very sensational. Thanks to the music director who has given great songs for this movie. Thanks Ashok sir.

I had personal problems while doing t. I played something in that confusion and nervousness of acting with Ashokselvan sir. After understanding that, Ashokselvan sir came and spoke to me. What are you thinking.. I know what your fear is… This is our film.. We are working for the success of this film. Be casual.. Be the way you are when you are acting with your friends in Coimbatore.. Forget everything that I am a hero, he cleared my hesitations. Thanks to him I learned a lot from him. It seems that the things I learned from him will definitely help me later on.. Watch Sabanayagan movie with family. Friends of the press, please support this film.

Actress Vivia said, “Hello everyone. Many thanks to the director and producer. My Tamil is not good as my mother tongue is Malayalam. Excuse me. This is my first Tamil film I request everyone to support the film and make it a blockbuster. Thanks to all the press friends who came to this event.” He spoke.

Talking about Erumai Saani YouTube fame actor Jayseelan said, “I would say this is an important goal in my film journey. I reached out to director CS Karthikeyan through YouTube channel and today I am standing on this stage playing a role in his movie. The director’s name is CS Karthikeyan. That means CSK for short. We all know the result of CSK. Director Result is going to be a similar success. The team of Sabanayagan movie is a big team. On the sets, the director is very careful about the dialogues. We also memorize well and memorize something on the spot. Looks like a dunk twister. A good director to work with. He was shot in the leg while shooting the second schedule. He directed while lying on the set like revolutionary leader MGR. As Arun Anna said, Ashok Selvan sir is the best ice breaker. He understands our hesitations and breaks them down. He has to act by hugging and consoling him during the crying scene. I pretended to comfort him by holding him and holding him without giving up. The person who understood that gave me courage by saying that if this tag is to go well, do it naturally like you hug your friend and comfort them, there are people to fix your hair if you lose your hair. If you reverse the word Saba, it comes to Basam, he is a Basam hero. Everything is three for him in this film, three assistants, three heroines, three friends, Nitam one sky, war industry, and then this sabha hero will be the third success. We call Ashok Selvan sir as Machan Machan on the set. Then we will say Sir. But after seeing her older sister in the film, I always started calling her as Machan. I consider it a great honor to have Leon James in the music and Balasubramaniam sir in the cinematography. He said that soil is important for plant growth. Producer Ayyappan and other producers are working hard to grow this plant called Sabanayagan.

Karthika Muralitharan, one of the heroines of the film, says, “Speaking in Tamil is difficult, so I speak in English. Don’t get it wrong. This is my first film in Tamil. It is an honor to work in this Tamil industry, thanks to all my producers like Madan sir, Ayyappan sir. Ashokselvan was very supportive on the sets. My audition happened on Balasubramanian sir’s camera. I consider it an honor. Prabhu sir has shown me very beautiful. Thanks to him. It is a nostalgia flick, with scenes for all age groups. School period, college period, marriage period are included in the film. You can enjoy this movie while eating popcorn with your family. All the technicians and actors have a lot of faith in this story. He said that there is a lot of hope that the film will be a huge success.

Ayyappan Gnanavel, one of the producers of the film, said, “There are three producers for this film including me. There are two more, Aravindan and Meghavanan. They could not attend this event. I am speaking to you on their behalf as well. It’s a funny movie. Three newbie YouTubers, Arun Sriram and Jayaseelan, have acted in the film. All three have done a great job. Three cameramen are working. Cinematographer Balasubramaniam has agreed to do the cinematography for the film and I would say that we are blessed. Dinesh Purushothaman’s cinematography is also excellent

It was bad. Our thanks to him too., Prabhu Raghav was initially very scared to work on the film. His cinematography was also excellent. The director is our friend. If he wants something, he will insist that he wants it. A director with good positive thoughts and thoughts, congratulations to him. Despite breaking his leg in the second set, he completed the shoot without any delay. Bollywood’s famous B.K. Karthika is the daughter of Muralitharan, the cameraman of films like 3 Idiots, thanks and congratulations to him. Editor Ganesh is my friend. He did excellent editing in Ayali, Animal etc. His editing work was excellent in this film as well. My friend’s friend. Leon James is rocking the band in music. Our well wishes. First James is the reason to start this project, then Kumar Annan is also the producer, he encouraged and gave many suggestions, then thanks to Madan sir. He is acting as a mentor to us. Thanks to Ashok Selvan, a jovial sociable. He speaks openly about anything, has no ties, and is recently married. He also said, “My best wishes to him.”

When hero Ashok Selvan speaks, “Hello everyone. Meeting the press is always a personal pleasure for me. You are the whole reason I am here today, bringing all my pictures to people.

Speaker is a fun and clean entertainer movie. I have a lot of credit for the dance and comedy in the film. Both of these were new to me in the film. It is only when directors come up with a new opportunity like this that actors like me take advantage of it. Madan sir wondered to me if I would do so much humour. I already love the Nuckalites channel. Sriram Jaiseelan, Arun etc. have acted very well. Many fans flocked to him on the set and bought autographs. That’s when I got to know about them and watched more of their videos. They all have a bright future. I would call Jayseelan as Junior Sivakarthikeyan. I love producer Ayyappan. Leone had given excellent songs in O My God. The film also has songs that you will love when you listen to it. Thank you Balasubramaniam sir, Dinesh, Prabhu Raghav all. I have been waiting in Madan sir’s office many times. Today it is an honor to play the lead role in a film produced by a producer he directs. You ask about acting closely with three heroines. What cab can be near by sir. My wife Keerthi would not think anything of that wrong. Memorable memories like first love, school life, etc. remain indelible in our minds forever. Sabanayagan will be a movie that stirs them up. And Sabanayagan movie is an antidote to your depression and stress and as already said a nostalgia trip will give you the feeling of having gone. I request the friends of the press to give the same support to this film as they have given to my other films,” he said.