‘Ra..ra.. Sarasukku Ra..ra’ film that got 60 cuts at the censor screening!

Luxury movie for the youth ‘Ra..Ra.. Sarasuku Ra..Ra..’

A story that takes place in one night
‘Ra..ra..ra..ra.. for Sarasukku.’

‘Ra..Ra.. Sarasukku Ra..Ra..’ is a film based on ladies hostel.

Superstar Rajinikanth starrer Ra..Ra..Sarasuku Ra..Ra..song and its scenes will never be forgotten by the fans. This film is being made with the same title. This film is produced by A Jayalakshmi on behalf of Sky Wanders Entertainment.

Directed by Keshav Thepur. He has worked as a choreographer in about 350 films in Indian languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Bengali. Choreographers Prabhu Deva worked as an assistant choreographer for the likes of Prem Rakshit, Raghava Lawrence, who choreographed the Oscar-winning song ‘Nattu Nathu’ in RRR.He appeared in around 2000 films as a dancer in various languages. This is a film directed by such a choreographer. Music for the film by G. K. V, cinematography by R. Ramesh.

The film stars Karthik, Gayatri Patel, KPY Y Bala, Mari Vinod, Gadpadi Rajan, Viswa, Ravi Varma, Abhishek, Benjamin, Simran, Deepika, Gayatri, Jeffy, Jayavani, Akshita.

Some youths enter a ladies hostel and get involved in a crime. Can they get out of it? Isn’t it? That’s the movie online.

The exciting and clichéd incidents that happen in between are the path of the story. It will be a story full of crime, action and horror.

When asked by its producer A. Jayalakshmi…

“The story of the film takes place in one night. Bellary Raja and Damodaran become enemies from being together in politics. Bellary Raja kills that Damu. An eyewitness takes a video. She is chased by Bellary’s gang. She runs away into SR Ladies Hostel.
Two young men enter the ladies hostel. A footman is called by the two women there. A murder takes place in the chaos.
This story has been created in the background of successive murders and excitement,” says the producer.

The Chennai Regional Censor Officer who was shocked to see the chats and free scenes of the young men and women in the film had given sixty cuts. This film
A woman named A Jayalakshmi has boldly produced the film on behalf of Sky Wanders Entertainment. She says that she made the film because she liked the story of the film.

Produced by 9 V Studios, the film will release on November 3.