Santhanam’s hilarious comedy ‘DD Returns’ on ZEE5

The movie ‘DD Returns’ recently hit the screens and fans celebrated the comedy festival in theaters. ‘DD Returns’, which became a super hit with Santhanam’s hilarious burst of laughter, is going to be screened exclusively on ZEE5 OTT platform.

G5, India’s largest OTT platform, is gearing up for ‘TT Returns’. The film was produced by RK Entertainment and produced by S.S. Directed by Prem Anand. One of the best Tamil comedy films in Tamil cinema in recent times, ‘DD Returns’ is releasing exclusively on ZEE5 on 1st September.

An old palace inhabited by ghosts. The hero Sathish, his girlfriend and a group of Sathish’s friends, who are going to collect the money stashed there, are trapped by the ghosts of the palace. The hero and his crew are forced to play a dangerous game of ‘win or run’ organized by the demons. Secret demons who have crafted a deadly game in their lifetime prepare to brutally kill competitors who fail to advance. The story of ‘DD Returns’ is whether Sathish and his team are successful in defeating the evil plot of the ghosts and escape from the ghosts or not.

Commenting on the horror-comedy film, Chief Commercial Officer, ZEE5 India, Manish Kalra said, “We at ZEE5 want to deliver unique stories that elevate the audience’s entertainment experience. ‘DD Returns’ is a unique horror-comedy. It was these features that brought the audience to the theaters in droves and sought success. We are pleased to publish this image on our site. We expect it to be well received in our G5 as well.”

Producer R.K. Entertainment C. Ramesh Kumar said, “Though horror comedies are generally considered scary, I was confident that director Prem would do justice to the script and make a great film. The cast and crew have worked hard to make this film a success. I am sure that the audience will give the film immense support after the digital premiere, just like it did at the box office,” he said.

Director S. Prem Anand said, “I really wanted the film to make a mark in the horror comedy genre. I took my time to imagine a perfect balance between horror and comics elements so that the joy of the plot lasts until the end. I wanted it to be a fun experience for the audience. I was happy that the audience gave a good response in the theaters as I expected. I’m sure ‘DD Returns’ will get a lot of appreciation in G5 as well.”

Santhanam, the hero of the film, said, “When I was first told about the story and the scope of the film, I was very impressed. I am glad that I was able to give life to Prem sir’s imagination. We all put a lot of time and hard work into making this film. “What kind of reception this film gets in the theaters will be available on the ZEE5 platform,” he said.