Soundarapandian Bone and joint Hospital is a leading centre in Chennai for all
advanced Orthopaedic procedures. We have completed 40 years of service to our
patients and continue to serve the community. We have always introduced the
latest technologies to enable our patients fully recover quickly and completely and
continue to lead in the field of Orthopaedic surgery.
Total Knee Replacement has been our forte and we have pioneered this surgery in
Chennai. We have completed over 8000 Surgeries since the time of introduction in

  1. We are on the path of continuous innovation and improvement. We
    introduced the High flexion knee replacement surgery in the year 2007 and then
    the fast track recovery for TKR patients in 2018 which helped patients can go back
    home 2 days after surgery. We have now introduced the PERFIT-R system since
    the last 18 months.
    All over the globe, TKR is one of the most successful orthopaedic procedure and
    is fast becoming a common operation even in India where over 250000 operation
    are performed each year. However a significant number of patients are
    dissatisfied with the outcomes of the operation due to persisting pain, instability or
    poor movements in the knee. This dissatisfaction is to do with the fact that
    traditional knee replacement believes in one alignment for all patients, namely the
    Mechanical alignment (MA TKR). In MA TKR the unique anatomy and
    individual alignment is ignored and the prosthesis is fixed in a common for all
    alignment . Often times important ligaments that support the knee have to released
    to accommodate the prosthesis in an alien alignment. This completely alters the
    natural gait and the axis on which the knee moves. Altering this unique alignment
    by traditional surgery to a one alignment for all patients has been shown to cause
    the dissatisfaction that many patients complain of. Many patients say ‘ my pain is
    now better after surgery, but this is not my knee’. Many complain of pain,
    instability and decreased range of movements because of this altered alignment.
    Because of this growing problem of dissatisfaction rates, a new alignment
    technology namely the Kinematic alignment (KA TKR) was introduced a decade
    ago. Over the last decade surgeons have looked more closely and have found that
    every patients anatomy is unique and our knees are aligned differently producing a
    unique gait. We are born with this and it is as unique as our finger print, indeed
    one can recognize a person even a mile away by his gait. It was firmly believed by
    this group of surgeons that this unique alignment and gait should be preserved or
    reconstructed while performing TKR. In KA TKR the knee prosthesis is placed
    and alignment to the native pre-arthritic position of the bones of the knee. Because
    of this change in philosophy , personalising the fit has became possible. The
    results of knee replacement surgery using the kinematic method have vastly
    improved, patients now have better range of movements in the knee, less pain and
    have a more natural gait. In fact more and more surgeons are changing their
    philosophy and technique of performing TKR. However to identify the native
    alignment and unique bone structure, higher technology is needed and pre-
    operative assessment using CT scans or MRI are needed and advanced assessment
    are done and this is the reason we developed the PERFIT-R KNEE SYSTEM
    PERFIT-R KNEE SYSTEM is a 3 dimensional [3D] surgical planning using a CT
    scan image of the entire leg. A thorough analysis of these 3 Dimensional images
    has improved our understanding and analysis of the deformities caused by arthritis
    . It is now possible to determine precisely the natural alignment of the knee using
    these 3D images. Then patient specific guides are prepared using this advanced
    software and a virtual operation is performed on the computer screen. These
    patient specific jigs and guides are prepared by advanced 3D printing for perfect
    execution of the operation. High precision is ensured during the execution of TKR
    and accurate placement of the prosthesis in the desired position is now possible.
    Soft tissue injury is greatly minimised and ligament releases are not performed
    which are very important for the stability of the knee.
    PERFIT-R KNEE SYSTEM has indeed revolutionised TKR.
    The advantages of this new technology are the following
  2. 3D models of the femur and tibia are created and precise measurements and
    alignment of the leg is studied in detail and a perfect pre-operative plan to restore
    the patient to the pre-arthritic level of natural kinetic alignment is planned by
    using the advanced 3D software.
  3. A virtual operation is performed on the computer screen so there are no
    surprises during the planned surgery. One is prepared for abnormal sizes and also
    grossly altered anatomy that requires special implants.
  4. These disposable Patient specific guides are autoclaved and used during the
    operation. This obviates the need for conventional instruments and the precision of
    the operation is greatly enhanced. The time taken to perform the operation is
    vastly reduced. Only minimal exposure of the knee is required and hence much
    more atraumatic. Ligament releases are usually never performed.
  5. Less post-operative complications like infection as the operation time is greatly
  6. Simultaneous TKR on both knees may be performed much more safely and
    patients with complex deformities and patients with existing bleeding tendencies
    will greatly benefit with the use of custom jigs
    We commenced surgeries with this method in 2022 and have successfully
    completed 200 surgeries and the outcomes have been excellent. Patients now
    regain the full range of movements of the knee faster and have much less pain.
    With PERFIT-R Patients can expect all the previous benefits of total knee
    replacement with the additional benefit of a personalised fit to enable them to
    walk, run and play in their own unique style! Looks like the Hospital is taking this task to the next level!