Cops Asking Bribes for Outdoor Filming:
Distributors Association President at ‘Ra ..Ra .Sarasukku Rara…’ film festival
K Rajan speech!

‘Ra ..Ra .Rara to Saras…’Age
Although it is a film for newcomers, young and old will like it: Producer A. Jayalaxmi speech!

Censor rules should be changed every five years:
From the movie ‘Ra ..Ra .Sarasukku Rara…’
Director Keshav Thepur speech!

The film is set in the backdrop of a ladies hostel as a story that takes place in one night
‘Ra ..Ra ..Rara to Saras…’
This film is produced by A Jayalakshmi on behalf of Sky Wanders Entertainment.
Directed by Kesav Tebur.
Cinematography R. Ramesh,
Music G. K.V.

9 V Studios on November 3
Publishes the film.

The launch party of the film was held today at Prasad Lab Theatre, Chennai.

While producer A Jayalakshmi was speaking on the show,

“Here comes K. Rajan, who speaks boldly for the producers. I love him for his bravery.

How many people are happy in life? We have taken this film to be happy for two hours, to forget ourselves and have fun. This film is made to be fun and different from them. Although this is an adult film, it will appeal to young and old alike. We faced a lot of problems while shooting the film.The shooting was in Vellore and there were daily police harassments. From ordinary police to inspectors and commissioners, they harassed us. Godpadi Rajan has always been there to protect us. I can’t forget it. I am confident that this film will be a hit.”

Kesav Tabur, the director of the film, said,

“When I came here they asked me if the film would be clichéd after looking at the title. I said it would not be as clichéd as you think; it would be a happy cliché. I have been a fan of Rajinikanth since childhood. He has worked as a dancer and dance assistant director in films.

I have taken the title from the movie ‘Chandramukhi’. Sarasu means not only love but also happiness.

Even when I hesitated about the title, the producer was adamant that the same title should not be changed. We shot this film in the midst of various problems. Every day a problem comes up. The problem continued for 45 days. Police should take permission only when shooting in public places. But when we were shooting at a privately owned place that had taken permission from the owner, they gave us so many messages. So on the first day we were ready with 300 dancers. They were bothering us for permission. Harassment continued throughout the shooting days.
But every time the producer faced it bravely and managed.

60 cuts were given to the sensor in the film. So they call me “60 Cut Director”.

I have come to the cinema only after watching the films that have come out so far. They said that all the scenes allowed in so many films cannot be allowed by the censors.

We are not asking for U certificate for the film, we are asking for A certificate. We just said that this is an adult film. But they gave up saying that nothing can be done with the sensor. They said nothing can be given. If you want, go to revising committee. If not, go to court.

We went to the revising committee where actress Gauthami was the chairperson. He said, “What are you going to say through the film? We are saying that mistakes are happening in the ladies hostel and that should not happen.”

They kept him guard for several hours.
Then freely cut whatever you want to cut. But ask questions about anything and we will explain.
They are not ready to listen to anything. They told me to delete it in four pages. They said that the name should not be Nakma. They said that the name should not be Lalita. Those names are not the name of a company but can be normal.
But regardless of anything they insulted so much.
When explaining
They said that they should give me a letter apologizing for insulting them. They said remove the scene where the hero is looking up at the heroine. If we explain, they said not to say anything and go out. We don’t know what to say. They treated us to such an extent.

Censorship rules are the same as they were in 1952. But movies, lifestyle and culture have changed so much. became
They have kept it as it is without changing it. The censorship rules should be changed at least once in 5 years. Only then will they understand what is going on in the country. Because they asked to take such names, the dubbing had to be changed, which cost the producer six lakhs. This is an unreasonable cost for a new small producer.

They say aunty is wrong. They say you should not call it a dwarf. We only ask for A certificate from people above 18 years of age. We don’t ask for U A at all.

We don’t misrepresent women. If they had done that, could six actresses have acted like this?
We said but they did not agree.

Double meaning verses that do not exist in plays on streets? But if it is in the movie they exaggerate it. Are we saying what is not there? Cinema web series today refuse to understand how much everything has changed.

We have shot the film in Tamil Telugu as a direct film. It is very difficult to market a film today. The producer has to wander for five or six years after taking the hard disk. This is how they are struggling in cinema. I am crying my eyes out because of all these disturbances. Isn’t it our duty to protect the producer who has trusted us from losing?

A producer is like a father.Can I betray someone who is in such a fatherly position?Can I cheat?

“We have not commented on the film. We have made an adult comedy film,” he said.

Distributors Association President K. Rajan speaking,

“Nowadays the actresses who acted in it do not come to film festivals. I appreciate these four actresses who have come here. I congratulate them. Thank you to those four people!

I heartily congratulate the producer who has taken such a brave step to make a new Tamil film.

The money invested in them will come back. It is a big thing if all the money invested now comes back.

In the last two years, 250 to 300 films have not been released.
Because 15 to 20 lakhs is required to build per cube.Advertising costs are 50 lakhs. There are many such problems. They have made films with their own money. Small producers are making films with their own money.

The distributor of this film has boldly announced that it will release on 3rd November.

It’s an adult movie and it’s like this. People are there to enjoy it. It has a crowd. In such a situation, it is not wrong to make a film for it. The actress who acted in the big hero film that collects several crores of rupees has been shown worse than this.

I appreciate director Keshav. I appreciate his trust in the producer.

What is he trying to convey through this film?

Will this happen in the country after seeing this story? They will ask. It is still going on like this.

He says give respect to mom and dad and don’t forget our culture.

Now even the big lead actors speak badly. They talk by showing their hair. All the films that are coming now are revenge stories. A gun at any cost
No matter what
There is that knife. An 18-year-old boy is roaming around with a knife in the community. It is scary to see the pictures now.

Great heroes have a crowd to follow. When that is the case, excessive violence like cutting and punching should be avoided and smoking should also be avoided. When a great hero does, a crowd follows suit.

We met the chief minister three months ago and made a request about the problems that happen during outdoor shooting. In outdoor locations, many people like traffic and police come and take bribes. 25,000 rupees per day is to be paid as a bribe. This should be stopped and regulated.

We requested that a single window system should be brought in the head office and that once permission is obtained, facilities should be provided to allow shooting without any problem anywhere in Tamil Nadu. He said that the Chief Minister is also considering.

I gave the same title to my film in 2004. But then there was resistance so I backed off and left. But this producer has fought and bought the same title.My compliments to him.

Even now the ones who are there are not helpful. They are the bigger problem. When the situation changes, they drop everything and run away. This is the state of the world today. It is commendable that the director is with the producer in such a situation and understands his situation.

These bonnets draped at film festivals should be avoided. So the business will be done only for the people of Rajasthan
[10/31, 16:35] R. S. Prakash: Gold is of no use to us. They are worthless and good for nothing.

Buy and wrap a handloom garment to benefit the weavers of our Tamil Nadu. Make them live by it.

I wish this film success.”

Thus K. Rajan spoke.

At the ceremony
Distributors Ramesh Subramanian, Anjali Murugan,
The film’s music is composed by GKV and written by Pon. Murugan, Art Director Ramachandran, Fight Director Rajasamy, Lyricist Sivaprakasam,
Actors Mari Vinod, villain Vijay Prasad, actresses Gayatri, Simran, Deepika, Sara Akshaya, close friends of the film crew Velur Venkatesan, Annamalai, Chinnaiah, Thamu, Kalirajan, Kathu Karupu Kalai, producer Subramanian Malaichami were also present.

Produced by 9 V Studios, the film will release on November 3.