I found God!
God’s heart is cooled by the devotee. Farmers’ land will no longer be confiscated. No new land acquisition for coal mining. 1% N.L.C. Electricity. Tamil Nadu uses 1018.% Karnataka spends. Survey Report.. All the dams of Karnataka are full……water is over flowing. All the bottom level soil of Tamil Nadu rivers. It is sold to Kerala and Karnataka in tonne and tonne trucks. The beautiful god’s mind grew cold.

The fake who shot 13 people in Tuticorin…(L) Sir God will hang him. All agricultural land in the Cauvery Delta will be encroached upon. While there are many slums and people are struggling, in Adani ports, through the airport, tons of gold and coke are smuggled and sold in the black market. The world’s No 1. Richest… Adani, Ambani We…bow down to Amba…just Ambanee… who ate salt. Drink water. Yam sent not a letter. Statement!! All those who supported me … Mansuralikan made a mistake from the first word. So repent with piety. Set an example.. Pray. Report sent to Yam Press. God’s heart is cold. “Kai” wins in 5 states “E.N.D.Ya” wins in six months.. Through Cast census everyone.. Employment.. Beautiful God punish those who sold public property to Adanani!. Slum storm… Adithamizhan established social justice Pandit Ayodhitasa praise ….. Bombay…..? Not only Kandavan… give darshan to all… Arokhara!

—Mansoor Alikhan