Music composer Thaman will mix in the Super Singer Junior show !!

Music composer Thaman won the hearts of contestants on Super Singer Junior Show!!

Amazing music composer Thaman playing cricket with super singer Ma Ka Pa Anand !!

Taman gives surprise to super singer junior singers !!

Music composer Thaman, who has participated as a judge in the Super Singer Junior show, has started interacting naturally with the singers and has been giving them many surprises. He has been giving many singers a chance to change their lives. Music composer Thaman’s works are getting everyone’s appreciation.

Super Singer is a program that brings change in the lives of young musical talents of Tamil Nadu. Music composer Thaman is participating as a judge in the ongoing 9th season of Super Singer Junior for boys. Judges who attend song contests are usually strict and strict with the singers. But, unlike the judges who have participated before, Thaman is surprising as he interacts with the contestants very easily, encourages them, gives them surprises, gives them interesting comments and cheers them up.

This season of Vijay TV’s Super Singer Junior show, many exciting events are happening. Composer Thaman promised to help the blind girl Purohit Sri get her sight, who made everyone melt with her song, and promised to give Kaalvedi Gokul, the amazing boy who sang the Gana song, an opportunity to sing in the film.

In last week’s show, two singers Harini and Richa sang the song “Urvasi Urvasi” very amazingly. Thaman promised to share the video of their singing with AR Rahman.

Singer Gaurav sang the song “Ranjitame Ranjitame”. Impressed, Thaman promises to meet Anirudh and Thalapathy Vijay.

Apart from this, popular singer Antony Das asked Thaman for a chance to sing in a new Telugu film. The song will be released next week.

Taman is not a judge, he is very friendly with everyone and surprises everyone.

And to a surprise, music composer Thaman’s wife, without his knowledge, came and participated in the program as a surprise. He shared many personal sides of Thaman that no one knew then. It was then that Thaman shared the news of playing cricket with the show’s host, Ma Ka Pa, during his free time.

Like never before, the ongoing Super Singer Junior show is full of exciting and exciting events.