Production company Romeo Pictures and Black Sheep Media Group are in the process of conceptualizing a new film.

Another cornerstone of the Black Sheep Youth Army, which started as a YouTube channel and today has grown into a satellite TV, OTT, they have written a brand new film based on school days.

Romeo Pictures Rahul, who has contributed to many of Tamil cinema’s biggest hits, is producing this dream movie from Blackship.

The film is written and directed by popular digital, television and talk show star Tamilpechu Rajmohan.

This school film has an army of crowd-pleasing stars. Along with the list of technical artists, the star list will be out soon.

The shooting will begin on December 12. 90’s Kids , 2k Kids , everyone’s favorite cute school movie is coming to the screens next summer with a new army of talent.

Happy Diwali sharing this message with media relations, looking forward to the love and support of the general public ❤️
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