Lingesh plays the lead in College Road!

Earlier, Lingesh received an offer to play the lead role in the film, ‘Kalluri’ opposite Tamannaah but it did not happen!
Today, actor Lingesh is playing the lead role in the film, “College Road”.

Actor Lingesh has played the villain as well as in character based roles in many films.

Although he played characters with shades in films as Kabali, Pariyerum Perumal etc he earned a good name through his performance!
He is now making his debut in College Road as a hero.

College Road is slated to hit theaters on December 30th 2022.

Director Ranjith has already seen this movie, expressing his appreciation!

The film crew is excited that this film, which talks about Student Loans, will surely have an impact among the students.

Almost 10 years ago, Lingesh lost weight to prepare himself for his role in Kalluri but it was not to be so!
He worked hard for two years, then transitioned into a career as an anchor and acted as a character-actor in films like Madras, Kabali, Pariyerum Perumal etc.

His hard work and dedication have helped him debut as the hero in the movie, College Road.

Releasing in theaters on December 30th 2022.
PVR Pictures is releasing the movie.

We can certainly expect the movie to become a huge hit among the students!