Virumandi Abhirami, who threatened to act in the film “Baba Black Sheep”!!

Actress Virumandhi Abhirami is back on screen after a long break!!

Virumandi Abhirami made everyone cry on the set of “Baba Black Sheep” !!

Under the debut direction of YouTube famous director Rajmohan, the movie “Baba Black Sheep” is being developed by Romeo Pictures focusing on the lives of school children. With this film, Virumandi fame actress Abhirami is back on screen after a long break.

“Baba Black Sheep” is a beautiful screenplay and a sensitive drama that combines the childishness, playfulness, pranks, joys and sorrows of school children. After a long hiatus, actress Abhirami plays a pivotal role as a mother in the film. In an emotional scene, the entire film crew is in awe of her performance.

Director Rajmohan said about this…
“Baba Black Sheep” is a beautiful drama about the lives of school children. The film featured a mother carrying a child from birth to school. I approached actress Abhirami for the role, and after hearing the story, she loved it and said I will do it. Like a debutante in every scene of the shoot, she asked me for feedback and brought her character to the screen brilliantly. Seeing his performance in a very emotional scene, the entire film crew stood up and clapped their hands in amazement. When the fans see that scene on screen, they will definitely be in awe. The film will be a breakthrough film for actress Abhirami again on screen. We have completed the entire shooting of the film, the film has many leading actors like Madurai Muthu, RJ Vigneshkanth, Subbu Panchu, Suresh Chakraborty, Bose Venkat.
He said that the final work of the film is currently going on and he will meet with the teaser soon.

Ayaz Narendra Prasad
Ammu Abhirami
‘Virumandi’ Abhirami
RJ Vigneshkanth
Cotton wool
Suresh Chakraborty
Bose Venkat
Vinothini Vaidyanathan
Joke Sharif
Madurai Muthu
KPY Palani
OAK Sundar
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Technical experts
Cinematography – Sudarshan Srinivasan
Music composed by Santosh Dayanidhi
Editor – Vijay Veluktty
Art Direction – MSP. Madhavan
Stunt – ‘Stunt’ Wiki
Choreography – Azhar, Lilavati Kumar.
Promotional Designs – Gopi Prasanna
Lyrics – Yugabharathi, A.Pa.Raja, RJ Vigneshkanth.
Stills – Velu
Public Relations – Satish (AIM)

Production Company – Romeo Pictures
Producer – Rahul
Directed by Rajmohan Arumugam