Veerappan’s daughter Vijayalakshmi is playing the lead role in Maveeran Pillai

Women don’t need a thousand rupees.. They don’t need an free bus either!

Maveeran Pillai is a film produced by KNR Raja under KNR Movies and directed by him as the protagonist. Late Veerappan’s daughter Vijayalakshmi has made her film debut by playing the female lead in this film. Actor Radharavi plays a street artist in the lead role.

Manjunath has done the cinematography for this film and Ravi Varma has composed the music for the songs. The background music is composed by Prem. “Julian has done the film editing, the songs have been written by Ulayamani..

The music launch of this film was held at Prasad Label, Saligramam, Chennai. Director Pramappu, All People’s Political Party President Rajeshwari Priya, comedian Kool Suresh along with Veerappan’s wife Muthulakshmi were special guests.

Speaking on the show, producer and director KNR Raja said, “Alcohol causes problems in every home in one way or another. I have made this film with great pains to create awareness against alcohol,” he said.

Music composer Ravi Varma says, “There are four songs in this film. In particular, the song Sarayam Abayam is written and sung by the lyricist Urayamani. I have composed only the songs for this film. The background music is composed by Prem. If producer Raja has made a film that is needed by such a society without thinking of making commercial money in the first film, it is due to the impact of his brother’s death due to alcohol at a young age. It has evolved into a story that takes place in Dharmapuri district. In many scenes, we are actually shooting on Tasmak.

Actress Vijayalakshmi said, “I had a desire to act from an early age. My father lived a life of personal discipline and set an example. In the society, women are being degraded in the name of drinking on one side and love on the other. If a film is made focusing on these, people will be aware. That’s why I agreed to act in this film and I will definitely protect my father’s name without any tarnishing.”

While speaking about the director Pramerahu, “Don’t decide to watch a film by looking at the hero, heroine and the director. Watch the movie to see what the movie is saying. In our town the Chief Minister’s son can also act in cinema.. Veerappan’s daughter can also act.. Cinema will accept anyone.. In that way we will support Veerappan’s son Vijayalakshmi as a newcomer. They say street food is dying.. But there are people who drink and do various street dances in front of Tasmac. Gudimagan dances better than Vijay and Prabhu Deva.

Videos of school and college girls drinking alcohol have been released and have caused shock. After giving the promise of abstinence, they ask to vote by giving the same alcohol. In this film, the song Charayam Abayam written by Alayamani is an Abay Mani. You can also play this song in front of Tasmag to campaign against alcoholism. Politicians are afraid that they will not vote if they say they are going to repeal Prohibition. Nowhere do politicians add alcohol to the list of drugs when they speak. Since alcohol can be sold, it will not be surprising if ganja shops start up like Tasmak in the coming days.

Sometimes one or two people die due to online rummy.. But daily many people lose their lives due to physical injuries and accidents due to drinking.. Those who are vocal in the assembly to abolish online rummy, why they do not raise their voice to abolish liquor.. It is abominable that the government is running a castle that sells liquor. Women don’t even need a thousand rupees.. they don’t need OC bus.. whether you abolish NEET exam or not, till then poor students also have to study for medical studies then why don’t you give NEET training to students yourself.. don’t do anything to us in a castle that sells liquor. Don’t tie sin on our heads.. Fun tax has become a farce tax. This film is a film made for the society,” he said.

All People’s Political Party leader Rajeshwari Priya said, “Veerappan is a real hero. It is a matter of pride that Veerappan’s daughter has come to act. Films have become a money-making industry. It is people like producer and director Raja of this film who enter and change the society
[7:06 pm, 24/03/2023] Aryan: You can make a film on your own.. People from northern districts are behind in education, they are involved in high level of bad activities.. They are the ones who drink alcohol in high amount.. It is commendable that the film is directed in the northern district as the background.. Against drugs in schools. Why don’t we talk about alcohol there when talking.. They also sell alcohol abroad. But why is there more death here? Because what is given here is not wine but poison..” he said.

Actor Kool Suresh said, “Ramadas and Anbumani Ramadas have been vocal against Madhu politically. The director of this film who came their way, Raja, has taken an effort to raise his voice against Madhu through cinema. We should appreciate that. Veerappan is a real hero. Let’s welcome his daughter’s acting. If you think that I have spoken too much on this platform, if you want to file a case against me, file a case against the producer of this film, KNR Raja, instead of me,” he joked.