Produced by-Shijuthameen’s Film Factory

Story and Direction-Shyam Praveen

Cast-Vetri, Ramesh Tilak, Hareesh Peradi, RNR Manohar, Sajil, Parvathy etc

Censor Rating-U/A

Running Time-117 Minutes


The memories of some movies linger in our minds even long after we leave the theatres!

Memories is one such movie that deliberates on creating intentional memory losses in individuals with a view to gain advantage of a situation.

A basic rule pertaining to the act of ‘placing’ memories in the minds of chosen ‘victims’ is that such implanted memories will last only for 17 hours!

With such a format the film takes of well and moves at a reasonably steady pace interweaving intricate complexities in the plot which a common viewer will not be able to assimilate and understand!

Quite aware of that fact, the directorial duo has gone about the said task in a professional manner despite the fact that a couple of loose ends are quite evident!

Vetri who has a knack of smelling complex characters has donned yet another here and has recorded a reasonably good performance.

Hareesh Peradi is in his usual elements!

The others in the cast have lent good support.

The score of Gavaskar Avinash is mention worthy.

Never ever use science for exploitation of human beings seems to be the tagline.

A clear cut line of demarcation should have been drawn between the two words -psychiatrist and psychologist both of which are used interchangeably in the film!