There should be more films like this against alcohol; After watching the movie ‘Maveeran Pillai’, PMK founder Ramadas praises

Amid the growing protests in Tamil Nadu against alcohol prohibition, Maveeran Pillai, which is currently being released as a wonderful awareness film about the misery caused by alcohol and the social activists who fought for alcohol, is running.

Produced, directed and played by KNR Raja in the lead role, Vijayalakshmi, daughter of ‘Kattuk Kavalali’ Veerappan, made her debut in Tamil cinema as the female lead. Actor Radharavi has played a very important role.

Recently many political party leaders have seen this film and expressed their appreciation. In particular, the founder of the Proletariat People’s Party, Mr. Ramadoss sir heard about this film and watched this film.

After watching the film, Mr. Ramadoss expressed his congratulations and appreciation to all the Maveeran Pillai film crew and said, “Our Paatali Makkal Party is the only party that continues to fight for alcohol abstinence.. If more films like this are released focusing on social awareness ideas, crimes will decrease.. There will be change and revival in Tamil Nadu.”

Maveeran Pillai film team is happy and excited following his praise.