G. V. Prakash Kumar starrer ‘Adiye..’*

The motion poster of the movie ‘Adiye ..’ starring G.V. Prakash Kumar as the hero of the story has been released and it has been highlighted by Jayam Ravi, the leading star actor of the Tamil film industry, on his website.

Directed by director Vignesh Karthik, who directed ‘Thittam Dudu’, the new film ‘Adiye’ is being prepared. In which the ‘musical monster’ Gee. V. Prakash Kumar plays the hero of the story, paired with actress Gauri Kishan. Along with them, director and actor Venkat Prabhu has played the lead role. Newcomer Madhumkesh makes his debut in a special appearance. Also Mirchi Vijay and many others have acted. The film has the cinematography by Gokul Pinoy and music by Justin Prabhakaran. Muthaiyan looks after the film set work and Sivashankar has done the art direction. This movie is produced by producer Prabha Prem Kumar on behalf of Mali and Manvi Movie Makers.

Producer Prabha Premkumar – who has funded the education of many children, started a film production company called Mali and Manvi Movie Makers out of passion for the film industry, made his debut as a co-producer with the critically acclaimed film ‘Clap’. He is currently engaged in direct film production through the film ‘Adiye’. He is also producing an untitled film under the direction of director Simbudevan. Following this, he is also involved in the project of producing more than five big budget productions.

Speaking about the film, the director said, “Many science fiction stories have been released in Tamil. But ‘Adiyeh’ is the first film to tell love in a multi-verse technological setting with a sci-fi plot. More than a minute long motion poster of the film is released. At the end of this, the first look of the film will look different and will give a new experience to the fans,” he said.

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