‘Genie’ full of horrifying paranormal incidents..!

Appu Movies’ ‘Genie’ presented by M4 International..!

Film director Thuyavan has been a successful writer and producer in the Tamil film industry for many years.

His son Babu Thuyavan studied at the Tamil Nadu Film College and produced and directed the film ‘Katham Katham’. He has also produced the film ‘Itli’. ‘Genie’ is a horror film produced under his supervision by his wife A. Mustari.

The film is directed by Nithyanandam B who has studied in film college and has directed several films and TV serials.

Vivant, who played the lead role in Parees Jayaraj, is playing the lead role. In the film ‘Maidyar Bhootham’, Mirattiya Param Vignesh played the lead role as a child hero.

Along with them, Maithili, Bijoy Menon and Action Prakash have played the lead roles.

The story of this film is full of terrifying paranormal events where the boy and his father fight to protect themselves and their family from an evil spirit that tries to possess the boy. Know the screenplay
Bhaskar Raj has penned the lyrics for Pitha.

Music composed by Yudish. Cinematography was done by Keethakaran, students of Film College, Harikumaran did the editing. Associate Producer – A.M. Saif, Executive Producer – K. Thangaraj.

At a time when the film world is expanding to the size of the universe, which keeps the fans on the edge of their seats, this film has become a compelling work with only good creators in a short period of time with a short investment.

Believing that fans have always supported feel-good films, Babu Thuyavan – A. Mustari’s ‘Genie’ is coming soon to thrill you on the silver screen.

It is a diverse work by students of a film college.