• ‘Viper’ movie title look video released by ‘Makal Selvan’ Vijay Sethupathi*

Title release of ‘Viper’ starring ‘Yathartha Nayagan’ Vidharth

Psycho Crime Thriller ‘Viper’ Movie Title Released

Producer R on behalf of Creative Films. M. In Rakesh Babu’s first film production, ‘Yathartha Nayagan’ actor Vidharth is playing the hero of the story in the crime thriller Psycho. This movie is directed by debutant director Manimaran Natarasan. Vijay Sethupathi has released the title of the film ‘Makkal Selvan’ on his social media page on Tamil New Year while two phases of shooting have already been completed and he is gearing up for the final shoot. The film is titled ‘Viper’.

Director Manimaran Natarasan says, “The film is named Viper because the hero of the story is a man who has the character and characteristics of a glass viper.”

“The film has Miss Bemina winner Roshini Prakash playing the role of a police officer. It is noteworthy that she is also acting as the heroine in director Bala’s film. Music composer Gibran composes the music for this film, which has an important background score. S. R. Satish Kumar is doing the cinematography. Writer Srinivasan Sundar has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Dinesh Subrayan has created awe-inspiring fight sequences. “We are producing the film with the emphasis on a pan-Indian story with famous technical artists such as Karthik Netha for the songs, Nagooran Ramachandran for the cinematography, Bijuchandran for the art direction, Pattanam Rashid for makeup, National Award winner for Atmos mixing and Rajakrishnan for the national award,” said Creative Films producer R. . M. Rakesh Babu says.