Farhana is the film that tells the problem that no woman faces.. – Writer Manushya Putran

Farhana will be the best film so far.. – Actress Aishwarya Rajesh

Muslims will celebrate the film..
– Producer SR Prabhu

  • Writer Manushya Putran’s verse will be strong. I didn’t take this movie because of religion..*
    – Director Nelson Venkatesan

Produced by Dream Warrior Pictures, directed by Nelson Venkatesan and starring Aishwarya Rajesh.
The press meet of #Farhana, which will release on 12th next week, was held in Chennai. The film crew who participated in it said..

When writer Manushya Putran spoke..

For almost 5, 6 weeks everyone has been contacting me. They say that the film has been released. If Nelson never told me, it would be a different picture. In this way, every Aishwarya Rajesh film is released every week on Friday. Many people will call me thinking that it is the film I wrote.
But this May 12th Friday will be a new day. This movie will be different. Everyone sees Aishwarya Rajesh differently.

I have written many short stories. Nelson has clearly created each character in this film.
I got a chance to watch the movie a few days ago. In most of the films, most of the dialogues written by great narrators go without a place in the film. But I am happy to see that 90 percent of the film was written by me.
After watching the entire film, I was overwhelmed with emotion that it was such a wonderful film.

My writing in this film takes me to a different place.

There are many challenges for women today. This woman faces a problem that no other woman faces. After this movie, every woman who comes out in public will associate this movie with her.

When actress Aishwarya Rajesh spoke on the occasion,

As Manushya Putran sir said, my films were released every week. I have nothing to do with the release of the film. It’s not even in my hands. Last year only two of my films were released. So this year my film didn’t get any award. After winning many awards every year, I did not even get invited to many award ceremonies this year. C/P Ranasingham film did not even get approval. I am sorry about this. Ok .. now let’s come to Farhana movie.

Nelson told this story in just a few lines. If you like it, tell me, I am developing and taking it. By then the curfew has arrived. But, I often ask Sir Nelson what is the story? I’ll keep listening to what I like.

This movie will be the best movie for me. That doesn’t mean I’m criticizing other films I’ve acted in. Some images are very close to the heart. This film is like that. SR Prabhu sir often used to tell me, do big films.. Prabhu sir is a good well wisher for me.

Thanks to all the actors, actresses and technicians who worked in the film.

We shot only in the most difficult areas. Aishwarya Dutta spoke emotionally.
Jitan Ramesh’s performance will make all women think that we want a husband like this.

Expectations are high for our film. He said he hoped it would be fulfilled.

When director Nelson Venkatesan addressed the gathering,

First of all thanks to my mother. The first film I directed was One Day Alive in Gooth. But, he was not alive for this film. Everyone’s lifestyle has changed after Corona. Taught a lot. During this period 4 members of my family passed away in succession including my mother. That feeling made me unable to take the next step. But SR Prabhu sir often keeps in touch with me. That gave me great confidence. Thanks to him. Next I gave this story to Prakash Babu sir. He said it was fine. After some time Aishwarya Rajesh called me and offered me a web series. But, not a single story goes well. I like the story you told. He asked if Webb would take it seriously. I approached Prakash sir again. Then Prabhu sir asked me this story for 45 minutes. He also fell in love.. That’s how this film started.

Everywhere I go I say that writing is very important to a film. Together with my teacher, we tried to write this story in detail. It began to speak as a living story within the living being. Farhana movie was a new experience for me. I decided that the 3rd film should be very different. I grew up in Pudupettai, Chennai. The house is on a street where there are shops selling auto spare parts. There are many Muslims there. Pudupet, TiruvallikeniI grew up eating biryani among Muslim friends. Therefore, the background of the film that I can make should not be the story that I grew up with.. and experienced? I thought that. Controversy has arisen that he is making a film based on religion. I have taken about my friends. I would like to inform you that it is not related to religion.. It is related to mind.

We gave Manushya Putran to write the dialogues for the film. He next day I like this story very much. Interesting to read. He said I will write it myself. His first verse written for a film is special. It was Anumol who delivered his powerful dialogue in the film.

Istyn Prabhakaran’s growth amazes me. He has been giving excellent music in many languages like Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. Farhana has also given 3 best songs in the film. I can’t legitimately get the music I want from anyone but Istyn.

Actress Andrea has sung a song for the film.

Monster is a gentle film suitable for children. But Farhana is not like that. There was a lot of visual challenge. Thanks to Gokul’s camera eyes for turning my story into a visual as I envisioned it.

If money is the only way to win, not many people will win. Success comes only if you work with soul beyond money. Filmmaker Sabu has worked beyond working hours and the film has turned out well.

Thank you to all the artists from the assistant director, managers, who worked on the film.

The film is a story that can happen on a knife. 4 people in my group are Muslims. Because I was careful not to make any mistake in a film that could be shot in an Islamic background. I hope all Muslim friends will like this movie. The film does not humiliate Muslim friends.

In other languages there are films with Islamic backgrounds. If we take our country, there are many Muslims.

Thanks to my friend who is working hard day and night to make this film good.

I went to Kitty Sir’s house. A man who can enjoy life. I wondered how to buy a performance from a man like this. Seeing him on the set, everyone was scared that how we are going to perform well. Even if he stands last in the scene, he adds some charm to the performance.

I mostly enjoyed the scenes with both Jitan Ramesh and Aishwarya Rajesh. Both Jitan Ramesh and Aishwarya Rajesh added strength to the scene.

My favorite movie is Aishwarya Rajesh’s movie ‘Crime Punishment’. But, the two had a difference of opinion for 10 days after the film started, and then made up. I am happy that many films are coming due to his acting skills.

He supported and acted in a scene that I thought would be challenging. I have been tortured by standing in the sun for almost 5 hours. But, he said, I think this film will be a cure for that pain.

While producer SR Prabhu spoke,

A film started for a man named Nelson.
We started the film by talking about making 3 films in a row. But we have taken the same story for three years. He said making everyone suffer. But the film is better because of him. In the film Monster, we set the house as the base. But, we kept it true. No one believed it.

Farhana is releasing in three languages. There is nothing religiously controversial about the film. He said that it would be a film that Muslims would not be afraid of, but a film that would be celebrated.

As music composer Justin Prabhakar spoke,

Thanks to producer SR Prabhu, SR Prakash Babu sir. Every film is a lesson. The film has turned out well. He has not been home for three months due to work. He thanked his wife for understanding.

When actress Anumol held the mike,

My friends were very happy when I told them that I am going to act in Dream Warriors in Kerala. Thanks Nelson sir. I was hesitating how Aishwarya Rajesh ma’am would interact. But he was very supportive of me. My character in this movie is Nithya. Thanks to the director for showing it beautifully. He said the film has everything expected of a thriller and action.

When actress Aishwarya Dutta spoke,

I see myself on the screen after many years. I waited years for this moment. All of you tell me how I look on the screen after watching the movie. One day a message came from Sir Nelson. He asked me to do the film. I loved the movie Monster. Anthi Mala from the movie.-the song is my favorite song.

One thing was evident. The film does not deal with religion or politics! It is a family film for the family audience…That is for sure…