‘Custody’ Trailer launch and Press Meet!

Srinivasa Silver Screen, Srinivasa Chithuri Productions, Pawan Kumar presented ‘Custody’ starring Naga Chaitanya, Keerthy Shetty with tag line ‘Venkat Prabhu’s Hunt’ Trailer Launch and Press Meet was recently.

Hero Naga Chaitanya, heroine Keerthy Shetty, producer Srinivasa and actor Premji attended the event.

Speaking at the event, Director Venkat Prabhu said, “‘Custody’ is my first Telugu film. Naga Chaitanya’s first Tamil film. Thanks to the producers who made the film. This is my first film made on a high budget. Thanks to the producers who believed in this story so much. When I first told the story to Naga Chaitanya, he was hooked. He was my first choice. Only then did I tell the story to the producer. The entire film will be in action mode. This film will be a new experience for those who think Venkat Prabhu film is only fun. It will have an intense plot. Arvindsamy sir, who has played an important role along with Naga Chaitanya. I will convince him by telling the story. It was difficult. He got the story and agreed. Thanks to Sarathkumar and Priyamani. Keerthy Shetty is playing the heroine. I understand Telugu. Chaitanya knows Tamil. It was easy to work because the others are also Tamil actors. It has been my long-time wish to have Raja sir’s name in my film. It is fulfilled in this. Yuvan has composed the music beautifully. Vennella has played the role of Prem in Tamil in Telugu. This is an action film so watch it and tell me. After this we have a pre-release event on May 9. The film releases on May 12, watch and tell “.

Actor Premji said, “I fought and got a chance in this film. I fought with my brother to get a chance even if it was a guest role. The shooting was fun. Watch the film and tell me.”

Actress Keerthy Shetty said, “I saw memes that this is not Venkat Prabhu sir’s usual film. The film will be a different kind of entertainment. Thank you for giving me a chance in his film. It was everyone’s dream to do a film with Ilayaraja- Yuvan. It has come true. This is my second film with Naga Chaitanya. Film. I am happy that this is the second film produced by Silver Screen Srinivasa sir. I think you all will like the trailer. Aravindasamy sir, I am happy to work with Sarathkumar sir. The film is serious but you will definitely like it”.

Actor Naga Chaitanya said, “I am saddened by the death of Manobala sir before the release of ‘Custody’. Chennai City plays a huge role in my life. I am happy to release the trailer of ‘Custody’ here. I was excited when Venkat Prabhu sir told me the story of this film two years ago. The same hope. Now till the release of the film. I have been watching Aravindsamy sir since childhood. I am honored to act with him. My second film with Keerthy. The blockbuster moment is Ilayaraja sir’s music. Yuvan Shankar Raja too has joined him this time! Now I am proud to have Ilayaraja sir too. Technical team is great. They have worked hard. I think you will like the trailer just like the teaser received a good response. Venkat Prabhu sir’s usual style will not be missed in this. Watch the film and tell me.”

There was a Q. & A. Session that followed…