Actor Vishal inaugurated the program ‘A village festival in Chennai’…

Actor Vishal inaugurated the ‘A Village Festival in Chennai’ held at Satyabama University today and also paid a silent tribute to actor Manobala who passed away recently. The attendees also participated in a silent tribute along with Vishal.

After that, Vishal said, “I will always support the farmers.
I participated in this event because all the proceeds from the Eruk Gramam festival in Chennai will be given to the needy farming families. farmer
‘Only if we put our feet in the mud can we all put our hands in the rice!’ is real. I am giving assistance to the farming families at the rate of one rupee per ticket from the tickets sold in theaters for my films.

Education can always rule this world and I never hesitated to beg anyone for that education. Not for me, but for many students who cannot study. In that regard, I express my gratitude to the Chancellor of Satyabama University Maria Jeena Johnson. Through my Devi Foundation, I have been educating many students. In addition to that, he is helping students to study through our Devi Foundation. Like this, Maria Zeena has been making countless students study.

If you give one rupee you can help everyone here if you can give one rupee you can help a farmer family or a student to study. Let’s praise agriculture, let’s protect the farmer..!! Actor Vishal concluded his speech by saying, “It would be good if these kinds of agriculture appreciation events are held in all districts.”