World Drug Abolition Day awareness sand sculpture

Actress Aishwarya Rajesh inaugurated the sand sculpture created by the Mylapore Police District of the Chennai Metropolitan Police Department on the occasion of the International Drug Abolition Day.

On the occasion of the International Day against Drug Abuse, an awareness program was held at Marina Beach in Chennai under the name of ‘Awareness Platform Against Drugs’ in which police officers, celebrities from the film industry and college students participated. In this event, anti-narcotics slogan ‘I do not want. The college students unitedly chanted the awareness slogan ‘We don’t want’.

A sand sculpture was also created to create awareness among the public against drugs. It was jointly inaugurated by Chennai Metropolitan Corporation Commissioner Radhakrishnan and actress Aishwarya Rajesh. During this, Additional Commissioner of Chennai North Zone Police Mr. Loganathan, Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai North Zone R. V. Ramya Bharti, Joint Commissioner of Police, Chennai North Zone, Ms. Disha Mittal, Deputy Commissioner of Police Chennai East Zone Mr. Rajat Chaturvedi, Deputy Commissioner of Mylapore Police District Mr. Sahadevan, Mylapore Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Balasubramaniam and other senior police officers were present. Along with them, college students conducted awareness events against drugs through songs, art form called mime, short drama etc. This was followed by a dance performance.

Speaking on the occasion, actress Aishwarya Rajesh said,
I hope all the college students gathered here are spending their lives happily in a healthy manner. But drug addicts are increasing in this society. If any of your friends or girlfriends are addicted to drugs, take the responsibility of informing them about it and getting them out of it. You also have a responsibility to prevent them from becoming addicted to drugs. And let’s completely avoid the use of intoxicants. Let’s all unite and say the awareness slogan that has been introduced for this ‘I don’t want it.’ We don’t want it’. Without using drugs, we will fully engage in anti-drug awareness and protect the welfare of the society,” he said.