Monthly Golden Leaf 2023 Awards

The ‘Madhampatti Golden Leaf 2023’ awards are given to the food industry achievers. The announcement for this has been officially announced by the actor and record holder in the food industry, Madhampatti Rangaraj.

The food industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. The food industry is developing into a separate segment such as preparing delicious food…baking and serving…providing quality food to more people in less time through modern technologies.. From well-educated Dhanavantas to uneducated laymen, hunger is normal. A lot of people are working in this food industry which works to satisfy people’s hunger.

The Golden Leap 2023 award ceremony will be held this month to identify and honor many achievers who consider their service as a duty without regard for return…achievers who set an example for others…achievers who think from a new angle and implement it in practice… is about to take place.

Thousands of people are expected to attend the awards ceremony on July 22 at Kodisia Hall in Coimbatore.

Meanwhile, Madhampatti Rangaraj, who has registered a new mark in the hospitality industry and has received a great response throughout Tamil Nadu, it is noteworthy that all those working in the industry are interested in receiving this award due to the coordination of this award ceremony.