Produced by-Sahasra Creations

Directed by-Sethguri Madhusuthan

Cast- Ajay, Gnaneshwari, Vivek Trivedi, Urvashi Paradesi, Pragya Nayan, Shubaleka Sudhakar, Rajeev Kanakala, Suresh Priya, Srikanth Iyengar, Raj Thirantasu
Genre-Crime Thriller

OTT Release Platform-Amazon Prime
Actor Ajay is playing the lead role in the movie “Chakravyuham” directed by Sethguri Madhusudhan and released by famous production company Maitri Movie Makers.

Detective stories are always popular all over the world. Indian language films have also had several successful detective stories.
A noteworthy film on that arena is Chakravyuham!

Sanjay Rao’s (Vivek Trivedi) wife Siri (Urvashi) is found dead with her throat slit in her own home! The police enters the scenario and investigating officer SI Sathya. (Ajay) starts his investigation.
He initially thinks that Sanjay is the culprit.
Also, Sanjay suspects Rao’s close friend and business partner, Sharat. As money and gold worth one crore goes missing from the house after the murder, Satya becomes suspicious of the maid who works at Siri’s house. Who really killed Sri? What motivated the killer to kill Siri? The screenplay drops a clue making the movie more exciting. The film accelerates with unexpected twists and action sequences and keeps the audience hooked!

From the time of its start till the end, the director keeps us hooked with a fast paced story punctuated by his directorial touches!

It is not only a good crime thriller, but also a film that drives home a good message!

Ajay, Vivek Trivedi and Urvashi have done their parts with understanding.

The crux of the plot is about the greed of human beings bringing in more suffering which is eventually is the premise of the film.

The music of Bharat Manjiraju adds pep to the proceedings while the cinematography of GV Ajay Kumar
glows and glitters.

Released on Amazon Prime to a very good response!