Produced by-Vishnu Visions

Directed by-Nawin Ghanesh

Cast-Srikanth, Aashish Vidyarthi, Vidya Pradeep, Pooja Jhaveri, Kaali, Delhi Ganesh, Kumki Aswin and Srinath


A well crafted thriller with unexpected twists and turns makes viewing an interesting experience!

Srikanth looks as fresh and fine he looked in Roja Kottam. His expressions are admirable especially in the scenes where he gets victimized by the force of the circumstances!

Pojja Jhaveri is just passable while Vidya Pradeep sizzles and shines!

Asish Vidyarthi makes an appearance at Kollywood after a long gap and is impressive in his role.

Srikanth suffers from a peculiar health condition which costs him dearly both professionally and perfornally!

He loses his job as well as his wife in the bargain owing to his health condition.

The further turn of events unravel the reasons behind the health condition of the protagonist leading to an exciting climax.

Naren Balakumar’s background score is a plus..

A mystery thriller presented well that is good enough to sustain the interest of the audience.