Produced and directed by RP Bala on behalf of RP Films, “Love” is a romantic thriller drama starring actors Bharath – Vani Bhojan. The music and trailer launch of the film, which will hit the screens on July 28, was held in the presence of press and media friends for the film crew to attend.

Senior journalists have released the trailer of “Love” together.

Lyricist AA PA Raja said…
It was PG Muthiah sir who first called me for this film. When asked who the director is, he said RP Bala. He himself has written songs for many films and is an excellent lyricist. I wondered why he was calling me. It is very difficult to work with a director who knows how to write songs. But he said I am busy, you write. He is the first director to sing a song entirely in Tamil without viral lyrics. That was very happy. The song of the movie is amazing, thanks for watching and giving your support.

Music composer Ronnie Raphael said…
This is my first film in Tamil. I have composed music for many films in Kerala. It was through Malayalam film that Bharat sir was introduced and Bala was also introduced. It has been a long time desire to work in Tamil. Glad to be working on Bharat sir’s 50th film. Thanks to director RP Bala for giving me the opportunity to do this film. All the songs are good. The film has also come out well, please watch the film and support it.

Editor Ajay Manoj said,
I saw the movie and it looks good. The last 20 minutes of Bharath and the heroine’s scenes are fantastic. It is a pleasure to work on Bharat sir’s 50th film. Thanks to director RP Bala for the opportunity.

Cinematographer PG Muthiah said…
A great success for a team is when that team wins and the same team works together again. Like that, I hope that the film “Love” will be successful and the same team will work again. Thank you all.

Actress Suyam Sidda said…
I know little Tamil. This is the first film after Kovid. A film very close to me, thanks to RP Bala sir for the film opportunity, thank you for supporting the film.

Daniel said…
Now a days no one tells a story, just call and ask,  what look? Freya? After asking, they call shooting. Work is coming like daily beta. Today’s cinema has changed like that. Love movie is doing well thank you for your support for this movie.

Actress Vani Bhojan said,
I have acted in many films. But few films give complete satisfaction to the mind. I am satisfied that I have played a good role in this film. Bharath and I have fought a lot in this film and got beaten up. But that’s just for the movie, I really like the movie and you will too thanks.

Director RP Bala said..
The film releases on July 28. Releasing a film is now more difficult than making a film. The team of the film was my biggest support. Bharath was a great support throughout the film. Muttiah sir is still working on the film till date. He looks like a picture. I am indebted to him for life. When the music director was working on Maraikayar, I told him about this film. He has worked for me in this film. Daniel is a very good friend. Bharat has given me the 50th film. The movie has come out well, if you like it please give your support thanks.

Actor Bharat spoke..
It is a pleasure to celebrate my 50th film here with you by cutting the cake. Thank you for always encouraging me to do good, do good and keep doing good even though I have done the worst films in my screen history. This trip is huge. I would like to thank Shankar sir and AM Ratnam sir at this time. We work with great enthusiasm while making the film. But when the film is released, there are big problems and it causes emotional distress. Cinema has split into two. But I’m always doing my job well and that’s all that matters. This movie will not bore you anywhere and will give you a great movie watching experience. Thanks to my director producer RP Bala sir. Thanks to the crew.