Produced by Red Giant Movies, directed by Mari Selvaraj, starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Vadivelu, Fahadh Fazil and Keerthy Suresh, Mamannan is a masterpiece of social justice. The film released in theaters last week and has been a huge hit with critical acclaim and public acclaim. In this case, the film crew met the media friends to celebrate the success and thanked them.

In this event..

The cinematographer is Theni Iswar

It is a pleasure to share in this success of Mamannan. Everyone mentioned the cinematography. Thanks to everyone who appreciated the film and made it a success. Udayanidhi sir was very supportive. The movie got everything it asked for. Everyone acted well. Thanks again to everyone who appreciated the film and made it a success.

Stunt master Dilip Subbarayan said…
Mamannan is a very important film. Uday sir is the most important movie in life. Mari Selvaraj sir is always nervous. A huge cast must draw a crowd. He would tell me not to compose. Everything is original in this film. We shot the action sequences after taking the original steps. Udhay sir was very helpful. Vadivelu sir stood on the hill and everyone was disturbed by the dazzling scene. Thanks to everyone who made the film a success.

Actor Padman said…
Thank you Uday Sir Mari Selvaraj Sir for giving me a chance in a film that talked about the correct politics in Indian cinema.

Actor Ramakrishnan
First of all, thanks for the opportunity. It is a pleasure to act in a film that will go down in history in the biggest film. Thanks.

Actor Madan said…
It was a pleasure to act with Vadivelu sir. I also acted in Mari Selvaraj Sir’s Karnan. It was a pleasure to act with Udaya sir in this film. I want to continue acting in Mari sir’s films. Thanks to all.

Actress Raveena Ravi said…
When the director first spoke, he said that the film has a role but no dialogue. I said it is happiness to participate in Father. Jodi said to Bhagat sir, there is no greater happiness than this. Now it is receiving great praise. Great pleasure thank you all.

Asan Selvaraj spoke..
Thanks to Dilip Subbarayan Master and Mari Selvaraj for introducing Adiyurai in this film. Here is a request to Minister Uday sir. Subjugation is our traditional defense system. All cymbals are recognized by the government as sports. I would like to request you to approve the system as well, thank you.

Actor Kathir said…
Thank you Mari Selvaraj sir for the opportunity. I have also started talking about Marisar’s opinion. Thank you Vadivelu saari for making it different. Thanks Uday sir. Thanks to the people who made it a success.

Lyricist Yugabharathi said..
There is a poem by Erode Tamilanpan as Bhumitai said to the one who falls down for the tenth time, he who has risen nine times is not the one who got up nine times. This poem will be remembered whenever there is a victory ceremony. This success is thanks to you journalists. There is a poem which says that a wild animal cannot be tamed easily. Like that, it is not easy to get used to a beloved animal. Glad he won. Thanks to AR Rahman sir who is the reason for everything. Thanks to everyone.

Actor Vijayakumar said..
I have no dialogue in this film. Happy to be a part of such a film. Congratulations to the director Mari Selvaraj Udayanidhi and the crew. Mari Selvaraj has directed the film well. When I acted in Panjalangurichi, I told Bharathiraja to cast Vadivelu in the film. He threatened Bharathiraja himself in that film. Glad to see him in this film. Udayanidhi has acted very well in this movie. I have acted as the Leader of the Opposition. The film is a great success, congratulations to all, thank you.

Actor Lal said..
I don’t know whether to say thank you or congratulations. Mamannan is a great movie. A big hit. First of all, I would like to thank Lingusamy sir who introduced me in Tamil, Siddique sir, who gave me the hit work. That’s why I got the chance to act in Mari’s two films. Acting in another language is great and it’s fun to act as CM. Uday Sir Keerthy Greetings to all thank you.

Actress Keerthy Suresh said,
It is a great pleasure to be part of such a successful event, this success is dedicated to all the crew. Thanks to director Mari Selvaraj sir. Talking on video call and telling the story stands today in this victory, thanks to Udayanidhi sir. Thanks to Red Giant Movies. Heroine may not be important in big films but my congratulations to director Mari Selvaraj sir who destroyed it. Thanks for that it will be a starting point for young directors coming up. Thanks to all the assistant directors who took good care of me and won the film
Thank you to the journalists for reaching out and we will see you again at a victory party.

Actor Vadivelu said..
I acted in a comedy role for so many days, but this film has given me another character, Uday sir first asked me to listen to this story, and then I listened to the story. The first thing he told me was that even one scene is not a joke for you, and at first I was a little scared, but after hearing the whole story, I agreed that I will definitely act. I knew that director Mari Selvaraj had the experience of a 30-film director, he could easily make the actors feel his pain, and he completely transformed me. They told me not to laugh at all, it was difficult. Now the accolades are pleasing. Shooting is fun but Mari Selvaraj never strays from his goal. Everyone called me after watching the film, Chief Minister Stalin sir called me and congratulated me. Superstar Rajinikanth called and I was very happy. I have to thank Uday sir for missing such an opportunity. It was a good experience when I sang the song when the shooting was over and everyone in the world is praising this film. The entire crew has put in a lot of effort, and Mari Selvaraj has put in a step above all of us. This film is liked by all, my sincere thanks to all the journalists.

Actor Udayanidhi Stalin said..
Thank you to all Mamannan film team, you have brought good film to people, last film is a success for me like first film. The film is still running successfully in many theatres, thanks to the lyricist and cinematographer. Director Marithan has worked as choreographer and fight director. Not only were the intermission sequences sizzling, but so was the shoot itself. There were a lot of injuries on the set, and everything was real. There is no pressure in the film, we all had fun shooting the film. At this time, I would like to thank the film crew. I came to know about this story only after watching the scenes of Vadivelu Annan. He has truly carried this film. Needless to say about Bahad Basil, the National Award winning actor took the film to the next level with his performance. Thanks to Rahman sir, the music added a lot to the film as well as the story. Thanks to Senpakamurthy sir he is guiding Red Giant very well. Thanks for including my picture. Thanks to all the assistant directors. I will see you all again at the 50th day of the film Thank You Thank You.

Director Mari Selvaraj said…
Three hits, three films and people have accepted it, but still the tension has not subsided. The day this tension subsides, I will be relieved. This film is a collaborative effort. In this film, all the artistes understood what I was thinking, what was my pain and what I was trying to say and gave a great work. Everyone worked for Mari to win and Mari’s idea to win rather than proving them to win. My thanks to all the artists. The work that my father wanted to write as a novel, I thought that this could not be taken. But it was made possible by Red Giant Movies. Udhayanidhi sir has great love for me. When he called, I was afraid that the films he makes are different and the films we make are different. He broke that hesitation when he met me. Some of the artists who acted in this film did not have any dialogue but they did it only out of love for me. The intermission sequence of the film is the focal point of the film. This movie started from that. Vadivelu sir believed me and accepted what I said and acted. Thanks to him. Bhagat sir will further refine the scene. He always said my house is open for you in Kerala. Thanks to him. Uday Sir’s love towards me is immense. A relationship with Him will continue forever. Movies are my politics, my pain, my history and I will continue to talk about them in my movies. There was some controversy over the film, but people embraced the film. Chief Minister Stalin, Mr. Rajinikanth and Mr. Kamal Haasan watched and appreciated all the three films. Thanks to all of them. Thank you Kamal Haasan sir for understanding what I said and supporting us. Thanks to my assistant directors who worked day and night for this film. Red Giant Movies is the reason why this film has become such a work, M.Senbhagamurthy sir and Arjun Durai sir never asked me any question. Big thanks to them. Management who supported the shoot