Vijay Prabhakaran ready for hip-hop revolution!

Vijay Prabhakaran will conduct music program with world renowned artistes

Vijaya Prabhakaran, son of Tamil film industry’s leading actor and popularly known as Captain Vijayakanth, has teamed up with Tactical Concerts to redefine the boundaries of the entertainment industry in India. Famous hip-hop artist 50-cent will be participating in the first concert to be held in Mumbai through this alliance. His shows have huge fans worldwide.

Internationally popular Grammy and Emmy award winning artist Curtis 50 Cent Jackson will be holding his global concert “The Final Lap Tour 2023” in India on November 25. The historic concert event marks the 20th anniversary of 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” album. The event was held at Mumbai’s D.Y. To be held at Patil Arena.

Vijaya Prabhakaran’s VJP is renowned in the field of live entertainment, film production and artist integration. (VJP) and Tracktical Concerts, two leading entertainment companies, are expected to come together to showcase 50 Cent’s history, hits and most anticipated songs. Internationally renowned artistes will also perform in this event.

50 Cent, famous for writing self-deprecating lyrics, first released “Get Rich or Die Tryin” which hit the charts everywhere and took the music world by storm. This album brought him international fame. Songs like “In da club,” “p.i.m.p,” and “candy shop” from the album continue to captivate fans today with their cultural insight and deep storytelling.

Talking about the event he will attend in India, 50 Cent said, “It’s been 16 years since I came to India. The last time I came to India was in 2017. As always, my trip to India last time was full of love. I will come to India in November to participate in the Final Lap Tour, he said.

Vamsidharan Gautama Rajan, the CEO of Tactical Concert, had earlier brought international hip hop artist Florida to Chennai for a concert. Apart from that, the fame of having collaborated with international renowned Grammy and Emmy guest Akon for the song Lavvantam in Nam Tamil will come to him. Apart from this, Vamsidharan Gauthamarajan also has the honor of doing shows with many international artistes.

Vijayakanth’s son Vijaya Prabhakaran says, My father Captain Vijayakanth has a unique identity in the world of film and art. In the way of taking it forward he said that this venture of mine would be a fresh and different start in the field of art.