Many brothers and sisters who love me keep doing various good deeds to help people during the release of my movies and on my birthday. We have started an organization called ‘Vishnu Vishal Charity Forum’ from this birthday with the aim of giving recognition to those meritorious deeds.

Mr. Seetharam is acting as its president and Mr. KV Durai is acting as its secretary. We inform you that henceforth all activities of my fans will be coordinated through ‘Vishnu Vishal Nalpani Manram’.

(Vishnu Vishal Charity Contact : +91 7305111636 – 044 35012698)

Basically, as I am from the sports industry, we are constantly doing various things to encourage sportspersons. In this, Hema Malini won a gold medal in javelin, Divya won a silver medal in hurdles and Stalin Jose won a silver medal in decathlon.

Scaling up this initiative further; We are planning an action plan to help sports persons. I would also like to inform you that we are going to make an announcement about that project soon. Thanks!