Actresses Shanaya Kapoor and Zahra S. in ‘Vrushaba’, which is being prepared as a pan-Indian film starring Mohanlal. The crew has officially announced Khan’s debut.

For the past few days, the news about the pan-Indian epic action entertainer ‘Vrishaba’, which is being prepared in a grand manner, has created a lot of excitement and anticipation. In this case, Bollywood actresses Shanaya Kapoor and Zahra S. One of the producers of the film, Juhi Brake Mehta, who is affiliated with the company AVS Studios, has confirmed that Khan will debut as heroines.

Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor’s daughter Shanaya Kapoor will make her debut in the film. In this film, she is paired opposite actor Roshan Megha. The film is set to be an epic action entertainer where he plays a pivotal role that bridges the gap between past and present. Sahra S. who has become famous as India’s pop star along with him. Actress Khan is also making her debut. She is the daughter of former star actress Salma Agha. Through this film, both of them are making their debut as pan-Indian heroines. Sahra S. Khan will play the role of a valiant princess opposite Roshan Megha in a recurring role in the film. He also acts in some action-packed fight scenes in the film

Talented beauties Shanaya Kapoor and Zahra S. Khan’s presence is sure to add more glamor and beauty to this dynamic production.

Speaking about this, producer Juhi Brake Mehta said, “We are happy to cast Shanaya Kapoor for Vrishaba. His film debut was highly anticipated by the audience. And we are overjoyed to have him join us. I have seen him as far as Zahra, the daughter of Salma Aqa, is concerned. He acted in the movie ‘Goj’. We were impressed with his performance in that movie. She is apt to play a fearless warrior and a princess. We are very much looking forward to seeing his appearance in the film.

Director Nanda Kishore said, “Both Shanaya and Zahra fit their roles perfectly in terms of looks and talent. They are not only very talented but also hard working young actors. As a director I want to bring out the best in myself. We are excited to enjoy our collective contribution including the actors and the director,” he said.

Actress Shanaya Kapoor said, “I am really looking forward to being in front of the camera and participating in the shoot. There is a lot to learn from this film. The storyline will stay with me. The movie- features an all-star cast and the talents of leading technicians. And it is made on a huge budget. An opportunity like this is exciting and inspiring for a young actor to act. Especially at the beginning of a young actor’s career…it’s like a dream come true. Proud to be a part of Vrishaba with Mohanlal sir. I thank everyone for this,” he said.

Actress Sahra S. Khan said, “Vrishaba is my first Pan Indian release. It’s like a dream come true. It was a great privilege for me to feature in a film with such a star-studded cast as Mohanlal sir and to share our performance on screen with him. I am doing a periodic part in the film. Its appearance.. is huge. I am very happy to be paired with Roshan. Because he’s got such screen presence. I am looking forward to seeing my character and the way they are designed. All this pride of ours goes to our director Nanda Kishore. This is a huge budget movie. Everyone should wait patiently until it is released,” he said.

‘Vrushaba’ is produced by Connect Media and Balaji Tele Films, AVS Studios. Directed by Nandakishore (AVS Studios) this film is produced by Abhishek Vyas, Vishal Kurnani, Juhi Parekh Mehta, Syam Sundar (First Steps Movies).