“Ongi Adicha Ondra Ton Weight Da” Movie Press Meet !!

On behalf of Sai Baba Pictures, director, actor G. Siva acted and produced the movie “Ongi Adicha Ondra Ton Weight Da”. A very unusual venture in the Indian film industry, the film featuring only one character will hit the theaters from August 25. The film crew met the friends of the media today on the occasion of the release of the film.

In this event..

Editor Arvind JP said,

This film is a personal view of the director, not everyone can make such films, only a few can do it, leading directors like Parthiban sir have attempted this type of film, and this film is also a huge effort. It will definitely give a new experience to the people, the film has come out well, I have seen the film, all the crew have put in a lot of hard work, you should bring their hard work to the people, thank you.

Producer Joseph said,

When Siva sir told me the story of this film, I remembered the film made by Parthiban sir, I asked him why he should make it, but apart from that, he said that this film has ideas that are needed by the society. As it happens in many cities, the director and cinematographer have done a great job and made this film. They have made the movie exactly what they told me in the story, and they have made this movie with difficulty during the Corona period. The fighting coach is very troubled. You should take this movie to the people, this movie will be a good entertainment for the people, everyone should support it, thank you.

Music composer Manisekaran Selva said,
This is my first film, thanks to director Siva sir for giving me this opportunity, this film has a lot of exciting scenes. Like that many twists are waiting for you to like. Siva sir has done a great job in the stunt scenes, the movie has come out well, I have seen the movie, you must like the movie too, you should take this to the people, thank you.

Cinematographer Oki Reddy said,
This film is a different attempt, it was a difficult attempt for me, films like this don’t come often and we have to work hard for this, we used only one camera in this film, director Siva sir and I tried hard, Siva sir it’s easy to show only one person but it’s indoors, but. All the scenes we shot were outdoor and that was the challenge for us, the fight coach also worked hard like us, I hope all our hard work has paid off and the film will be a new experience for everyone, thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Director and Actor G. Shiva spoke..
I faced a lot of criticism for this title, the title I had for this film was ‘One in a Hundred Million’ but the film was released before I heard the title. I am a big fan of Surya sir and I am proud to title this film with a dialogue from his film, the reason for the title of this film is the pressure of the story. This film will have a good social message for the general public. We have made it without any discrimination and without any compromise in the film, the fight sequences in the film have come out amazingly. I am not saying this for pride, you might think that me fighting alone will be boring for you, but it won’t be. The fight coach was a big help in this film, it’s easy to do a solo fight but it’s hard to translate it into a film, big credit to him. The cinematographer has put in a lot of effort in this film, he and I struggled in many places to make this film, the background music is a huge support for the film, music is what helps people to think differently in films like this and it has come out beautifully in this film. My mother has supported me from the beginning till now in this film, I had no one in the film industry to help me, only my friends helped me, many criticized me for the appearance of Shiva in this film, I did not do it with wrong intentions, I did it to bring good things to people, you We need to understand this and take it to the people, thank you all.

Technical Committee
Written – Directed by : G. Siva
Cinematography : Oki Reddy & Arun Sushil
Music: Manisekaran Selva
Editing : Arvind J.P
Art: Chanduru
Stunt : Violent Velu
Choreographed by: Rajdev
Lyrics : Dinesh
Co-Produced by :JA Joseph & Sanjay
Produced by -Mrs. Bala Gnanasundaram
Public Relations : A. Raja