An action film starring Jai Akash as an ex-army soldier!
X Army

Made in 5 Languages

Jai Akash is writing the story and screenplay

Directed by Sai Prabha Meena

A Cube movies app film company is producing the film “X Army” at a huge cost.

Jai Akash plays the role of an ex-military officer. Ashmita and Ak Shaya are the heroines along with Imman Annachi and Dinesh Madne is playing the main villain Karate Raja. Meesai Rajendran, Michael Augustine, Rajmitran and many others are acting.

The film is written by Jai Akash and directed by Sai Prabha Meena. He directed the recently released Yokyan starring Jai Akash. Sai Prabha Meena is also working as an assistant director in the film directed by Jai Akash.

R. Ramkumar, C. B. A.C. Manikandan is the cinematographer of the film, which is co-presented by Satish Kumar. He is the director and cinematographer of the film “Root”. S. Satish Kumar who composed the music for Jai Vijayam is composing the music. Editing by Durgas. Vijay Jaguar sets up innovative stunts. Joey Mathi choreographs.

Jai Akash, an army soldier who retires with a heroic battle injury, is enraged by the violence and sexual harassment that some people in the country commit against women. The action-packed movie tells how Jai Akash takes revenge by gathering the X Army men, who have already served in the army, and ex-servicemen who have been injured and disabled in the war and are still patriotic, as an army to hunt down the miscreants who commit crimes against women.

The theme of the film is how the people who saved the border protect them after listening to the atrocities against women in the country.

The opening ceremony of the film took place today on August 11. The film crew including hero Jai Akash participated in this. The film is being made in 5 languages namely Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. The shooting will start soon and will be happening in Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai. The film will hit the screens by the end of this year.