Nanban Group Honors Sriram-Cheran with Award

  • ‘Nanban Entertainment’ launched by Nadigar Sangh President Nasar

Join Friendship- Actor Ari Arjunan Request

Nanban Entertainment was started by Nandan Group Chairman Naren to encourage emerging artists.

The inaugural function and award ceremony of Nandaan Entertainment and Nandaan Arts Cultural Study and Treasury Center was held with great fanfare at the Trade Center in Chennai.

The award ceremony organized by Nanban Group at Chennai Trade Center on the evening of 3rd August started with a Tamil greeting from the students of Mahathi Academy. Following this, Drums genius Sivamani, Veena genius Rajesh Vaidya and Piano genius Lidian Nathaswaram gave a concert together. Following this, stage comedians B…
[15:12, 8/5/2023] R. S. Prakash: are learning The first reason for this is GK’s honest thinking. Every time I met him, I was amazed by his unchanging speech. He is colorless like water. Colorless water keeps quenching thirst no matter what vessel it is poured into. I am proud to join the friend group founded by people like him as an ad ambassador.

It’s been two years since I came out of Bigg Boss. No money in hand. However, I am thinking about what I can do for the society.

Why did you choose me as their ambassador? When asked, many people will come for money. Many people will come for fame. But you are the only one who comes for this society. They said that’s why we chose you. Those who serve the society need not necessarily be star actors. They said.
GK often says. “Everyone must stand on their own two feet. Must last for life. It should stand until life is separated. You have to stand for your family.. for your relatives.. for your community.”

We are serving in many fields like sports, organic farming… Arjuna once met Arjuna and asked him, ‘Why are you not doing anything for art and culture?’ Then something dawned on me. He who loses land loses money. He who loses the culture of art loses the culture of his native land. We have started this organization to know where our roots are and to continue to maintain them. We have started this organization to give opportunities to underprivileged artists and encourage them.

So far we have not marketed our services at any point. Not advertised. Donation is not asked. Why are we promoting only friend entertainment like this.. When we do good.. it creates the idea to do good in the minds of others too. Let’s think of the good. Let’s do good. Let us sow good things. Hello.” he said.

Actor Nasser said, “Ari spoke in detail about the group of friends. The best relationship in the world is friendship. First of all I would like to thank them for making noble friendship a philosophy and working with the idea of spreading it all over the world.. for being born and brought up in our land.

If the white man does a thing, he will immediately write it down, but we have failed to preserve many things.

Friendship is a philosophy that needs no explanation. Friendship needs no explanation. On behalf of all my friends in this arena, I offer friendship to you who make that one simple relationship… emotion… into noble emotions and spread it all over the world.

I am proud to launch a film production company called Nandan Entertainment. I feel honored. Let’s be friends, let’s be friends.

All the award-winning artistes here are my friends. They guided me from a time when I didn’t know what I wanted to become in life. Poet Indummathi volunteered to help me while I was directing the film. Professor Ramasamy’s friendship with me is intriguing. If it wasn’t for the painter Trotsky Maruthu, I wouldn’t have been able to write. ” said.

Indummati said, “My father gave me the name Matiyalagan. A friend of mine born in Cuddalore port is called Virujagan. Annamalai University made us friends. I became a child in their house. He became a child to our house. When students meet us in the university, they ask, ‘Have you seen Knowledge… have you seen Knowledge…?’ Indummathi is the name I gave for our budding friendship at Annamalai University.

Thank you for coming here from America and changing the word friend to the word friendship…beautifully. It is not only the beauty of your soul.. but also the beauty of our mythology.

“My friend asked me to leave my brother alone, mother..
I said let you go.”

Award-winning cinematographer B. C. Sriram said, “It was only after coming here that I realized that we have come to a healthy place called Nanda. I hope that the award given to me will encourage me in my future work, thank you,” he said.

Award-winning art director T Muthuraj said, ‘Thank you to the producers who have spent so much and kept me going. Cinematographer B. C. Sriram is a great genius. When his name appears on the screen in the film ‘Itayatham Tiruthe’ at Coimbatore Pallavi Theatre, I stand on stage and dance. Later I was very happy to work with him. It is also a pleasure to receive the award together with him now.

Director Cheran said, “All of us have formed the government together. The government runs on the money we all contribute together. The government provides what we need. This group does some work with friends that cannot be done like that. So they are a small government. Friends come together to form a government in a joint venture and help those they know. I am obliged to congratulate and welcome those who are helping the society. thank you very much. Awarded to me by B.C. As Sriram said, we take it as a stimulus given to keep running. I request you to continue traveling together with all of the Nanban group.”

In the function, Nanban Craft Masters Award was given to director Bhagyaraj, cinematographer BC Sriram, director Cheran, art director Muthudhuraj and director Vethimaran.

Earlier, artistes such as painter Traski Maruthu, Prof. Mu Ramasamy, poet Indummathi, Purisai Kannappa Sambandham, Periya Melam artist Munusamy were given friend awards for their outstanding service in the field of art and culture- Tamil Film Producers Association President Thenandal Murali Ramasamy, Actors Association President Nasar, Cinematographer Presented by BC Sriram.

Following them, debutante creators Ganesh K Babu, Vignesh Raja, Vinayak Chandrasekaran, Muthukumar and Aruvi Madan for Mantramoorthy received the Ndanban Talent Gateway Award. Tamil Film Producers Association President Thenandal Murali Ramasamy, Secretary Kathiresan, Actors Association President Nasser, Cinematographer BC Sriram and Director Cheran presented the award to them. All the awardees were given a cash prize of one lakh rupees along with the award.

Following this, more than a hundred folk artists from the Center for Alternative Media appeared on the stage under the leadership of Prof. Kaliswaran and enthralled the audience by performing the archaeological arts of Tamil land.