G.V. Prakash Kumar Starrer Adiye Releases Music and Trailer!
Produced by Prabha Premkumar, the music and trailer of ‘Adiye’ has been released by Mali & Manvi Movie Makers. It is produced by KE Gnanavel Raja, directed by Karthik Subbaraj, Myshkin, Venkat Prabhu, AL. Vijay, Simbu Devan, Vasantha Balan, Arun Matheswaran and others jointly released it

Directed by Vignesh Karthik, who directed the film ‘Thittam Dudu’, the new film ‘Adiyeh’ is being prepared. In which G. V. Prakash Kumar, Gauri G. Kishan, Madhumkesh Prem, RJ Vijay, Venkat Prabhu and others have acted. The film has the cinematography by Gokul Pinoy and music by Justin Prabhakaran. This movie is being prepared in the romantic genre focusing on the idea of multiverse and has been produced by the producer Prabha Premkumar on behalf of the film company Mali & Manvi Movie Makers.

The music and preview launch of the film, which will hit the theaters from August 25, was held at the PVR Satyam Theater complex in Chennai. Producer K along with the film crew at the event. E. Gnanavel Raja, Directors Vasantha Balan, Venkat Prabhu, Mishkin, Simbu Devan, A. L. Vijay, Arun Matheswaran and others participated.

Producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja said, “Adiye is a film with a very innovative story. G.V. I asked Prakash Kumar about the director of the film. Very nice concept. After a long day, it is a grand ceremony attended by many celebrities from the film world. It’s happy. Congratulations to the crew. I pray to God that this film releases and gives good profit to the producer.”

Director Vasanthapalan said, “I saw the preview of the film and it gave me hope. Content is the main thing in this film. G.V. We saw two songs created by Prakash Kumar-Gauri-Justin Prabhakaran collaboration. It was enjoyable. Especially the scene of Gauri-eating ice cream, played by the heroine, makes us melt. Gee. V. Prakash Kumar has done a great job as a school boy and some other villains. This preview is the first sign of the film’s success. I am a fan of music composer Justin Prabhakaran. The lyrics and med together have created magic. I wish the film success” he said.

Director Simbu Devan said, “The songs and preview of Adiye are very good. We have seen multiverse only in Hollywood movies like Avengers. It is nice to see it in a different form in Tamil. For this I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to director Vignesh Karthi. Mali & Manvi Movie Makers are producing my next film ‘Boat’. Producer Premkumar loves to make anything elegant and beautiful. A natural person with a smiling face without getting nervous at any moment. The company will rise to become a leading production house in Tamil film industry offering the best works. My best wishes for this. G.V. Prakash Kumar brilliantly rides the twin horses of music and acting. He loves and works passionately with these challenging duo. In this movie too, he has shown his complete talent in background music. He looks younger day by day. Seeing him as a school student did not make any difference. Looks like fun. Congratulations.” he said.

Director Arun Matheswaran said, “Gee. V. Got an opportunity to work on Prakash Kumar’s music. It didn’t happen. Then I got an opportunity to direct him. Then that didn’t happen either. He and I have been friends for decades. I am watching his growth. He is doing very well in acting as well as in music. I would like to extend my best wishes to the film crew including director Vignesh Karthik for the success of this film in which he is acting.

Director AL Vijay said, “The songs and visuals of this film are very good. The content is fresh in Adiye.” The movie has the elements to bring today’s younger generation of fans to the theatres. This movie will be a hit like Love Today. Gee. V. As far as Prakash Kumar is concerned, he travels with ease in acting and music. The makers of the film are passionate about cinema. This company will develop into an important film company like AGS.. Wales.. in Tamil. Congratulations to all the crew” he said.

Director Myshkin said, “Gee. V. Prakash very sweet boy. Peculiar Keraka that mixes both music and performance
He continues to act in films and has risen to become an indispensable actor in Tamil today. To everyone… at every moment. . A sweet talker. It’s amazing to think of today’s younger generation of creators. Can a science fiction film be successful in Tamil cinema? There is a question. All such films are made in Hollywood. They have fans all over the world. But how is this possible in Tamil cinema? It’s also amazing to mix science fiction with romance. A question popped into my head while watching this preview. I cannot think in such a way. Congratulations to the team of Vignesh Karthik who acted with confidence in this matter. I am grateful to the producer who first heard of such a science fiction story and agreed to produce it.

The first time I heard the songs from ‘Shadows’ I felt lonely. That feeling came when I heard the songs of this film with the music of Justin Prabhakaran.”

Producer Premkumar said, “During the corona period, I watched the film ‘Project Two’ while sitting at home. It was different. To my son, who is the director of this film? I asked that. He replied Vignesh Karthik. I expressed my desire to meet him. Some days there is a different story. Are you preparing? When my friend asked, I said yes. Then it was Vignesh Karthik who came to tell me the story. After hearing the story, I agreed to produce it. He created the film by moving the pieces in silence. All the actors, actresses and technicians who acted in Adiye worked happily.

We are involved in 23 industries so far. Everything is going well by God’s grace. There is a sense of satisfaction that I have given a good film to this society rather than having produced a film. This movie is great. Following this film, Simbu Devan’s film ‘Bode’ is also being prepared. Andawan has provided facilities and means to give opportunities to talented directors. I bid farewell asking everyone to support this,” he said.

Music composer Justin Prabhakaran said, “Vignesh Karthik has become a creative friend through this film. He speaks his mind directly. It was of great help to me. At first I was a bit scared when JV sir was the hero. Because he is one of my role models. He was one of the composers who wanted me to come to Chennai and work as an assistant. I felt very happy when I got the chance to work as a music director in his film. He allowed me to work in good comfort while working. I have worked with Bhagwati and Mathesh as lyricist in this film. There is also a desire to continue working with them. Special thanks to Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Director Vignesh Karthik said, “Adiye is a very special film for me. I have already directed the film ‘Project Two’ for theatrical release. But due to Corona, the movie was released on digital platform. Adiye is about to hit the theaters. It makes me very happy.

Gee. V Prakash is a wonderful man. Always happy. You feel a little jealous when you see him. If I had met him in school or college…he would have been my best friend. We shot a dialogue in the film on the day of the announcement that he was getting the National Award. When asked about it, he gave permission to take it easily and use it.

We talked to many actresses for this film. In the end we chose Gauri Kishan as he was suitable.. He has a feminist in him. In this film, the hero says that he likes to speak with ‘T’. Gauri I need this ‘T’? he asked. Then he agreed after explaining to him in what context the word would fit. good actress He has shown his full talent in this movie, congratulations.

We asked director Venkat Prabhu to play an important role in this film. First he said he was busy. Then we narrated the story to another actor and got consent to act. However, he finally agreed to ask her once and contacted her. I am grateful for the opportunity to direct him.

The producer has always had a smile on his face since the beginning of the film’s work. Thanks to all the technicians like cinematographer, video editor, music director.

Make your own image so that everyone will like

We want I request you to come to the theater and support me.”

Actress Gauri G. Kishan said, “Salute to actor Premji who is hosting this show for the first time. This film is an important film in my film journey. How I agreed to act in the film ’96’ in my life… a similar situation happened in this film. A lot of opportunities came after ’96. I heard many stories. But only some stories were satisfying. After hearing the story of this film, I agreed to act. I will play an important role in the director’s next film as well.

I am playing the role of Sentajini in this film. She is determined. Beloved. A multi-layered character. It has many angles. I am also acting in the next production of Mali & Manvi Movie Makers, the production house of this film. Direct fixed effects exist only in some manufacturing firms. In that way, this company should produce more films and become a leading production company in Tamil. will rise.

G.V. Prakash Kumar is a very likable co-star. Simple. Sweet. personable

I request you to watch the movie ‘Adiye’ in theaters from August 25.

Director Venkat Prabhu said, “For the first time in the history of world cinema, I have acted as film director Gautham Vasudev Menon. Director Vignesh Karthik loved the narration of the story. It was different. He still doesn’t know that I have played the role of Gautham Vasudev Menon. I played him because he doesn’t get angry. Director Vignesh Karthik gave the background voice for this character. He is a multi-voiced comedian.

I have played two roles in this movie. One is a scientist and the other is Gautham Vasudev Menon. Both are difficult characters.

In this movie, it will be told that I have directed Vijay Sir’s film. It was only after this ad was released that I got an opportunity to direct a Vijay film.

It was a divine experience when I met the producer for the first time at his house.

Gee, when I am acting in this film. V. I acted with Prakash. For this, I got a chance to get close to him on the set. That’s when I got to know many new things about him. Good hearted. Always smiling. He is also skilled in the art of astrology. His astrology worked for me.

G.V. Prakash Kumar plays a tough and always confused character in this film. After finishing acting in a chaotic mood in the scene, he would talk about music notes over the phone on the set itself when he got a break. A versatile artist.

Congratulations to everyone who worked in the film, including the cinematographer, music director..” he said.

Nayagan G. V. Prakash Kumar said, “Adiye is a very different film. There is no conventional film. A futuristic science fiction love story. This was the biggest challenge. It will rain in Chennai. But the crew has done it well on screen.

We will discuss music with Venkat Prabhu on the sets.

I can definitely say that this is the best film production company I have worked with in recent times. If there is going to be a shooting at this site on this day it will definitely happen. They don’t waste time. They will not waste our time either. People who value time. I am confident that I will continue to work with this company.

As far as acting is concerned, Gauri Kishan and Madhumkesh have acted brilliantly.

The director had an imaginative visual structure for this film. Futuristic.. Multiverse.. All this would be easy to write. I asked how you are going to display it. But they keep it all beautifully displayed and amazing.
Justin Prabhakaran has delivered a fantastic music album. This film will be liked by fans from all walks of life.”