Superstar is Rajini; Sathyaraj’s Action Speech at Angaaragan Event!

Sathyaraj puts an end to superstar controversy at Angaaragan Event!

  • Even if there is no villain, there must be a villain; Sathyaraj Open Talk at Angarakan Event!

I only know one and a half languages; Sathyaraj made the Angaaragan festival lively.

Produced by Jomon Philippe and Gina Jomon under Julian & Jerome International. Sripathi has played the lead role in the film. Sripathi has also written the screenplay and worked as the creative director of the film.

Actor Sathyaraj, who played the role of a terror police officer, returns to his villainous avatar with this film. Malayalam actress Nia has played the lead role.

Also Angaditheru Mahesh, Raina Karath, Roshan, Appukutty, Diya, Neka Rose, Guru Chandran, KCB Prabhat in lead roles.

The film is directed by Mohan Duchu, who worked as an assistant director to famous Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma. While the film is slated to release on September 8, the pre-release event of the film was held today (August 19) evening in Chennai.

Speaking at this event, actor Sathyaraj said, “The producer of this film Sripathi told me that I am the hero in this film.. You are the villain.. Okay, before telling me the story. Earlier, when director Rajamouli spoke to me about Baahubali, he asked the same thing. Loved the story of Angarakan when he told the whole story and I had a lot of scope to do better in my character.

Even when he agreed to act in Love Today, there was a reluctance. But I agreed and acted. The film was a huge hit. So I don’t care much these days. Besides Walter Vetrivel, the cinema was in my hands during the peacetime period. Now I am in the hands of cinema. That reality should be understood.

They say that I have come to this festival not even a week after my mother’s death. It is because of my mother. There is a restriction in our own bond that we should not come out without doing things for 16 days. But since I am Periyarist two years ago my mother called all my relatives and told me firmly that if he dies I should not be forced to perform any rituals as I am the only son. It is only because he said that that he is able to come and stand on this platform.

I am currently acting in Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and other languages. I currently have 20 images in my hand. When I get an opportunity to act in other languages, I will tell you from the beginning that I only know Tamil and half English.

Constantly playing the good dad is boring. I am ready to act even if it is something wild. Similarly, even after a long time, I have again acted as a villain, but I cannot say that I will continue to act in the same way. The director should not tie the hands of the villain. Heroes must also generously agree. Kamal and Rajini supported me during my entry into cinema. If that’s the case then playing a villain is a cool experience. There are no people like director Manivannan who keeps me in mind and creates characters for me.. the reason. He was ideologically a mentor to me as well

Starting a party is all about vote politics. But telling people social opinions and standing behind those who say them is also politics. That’s what I’ve been doing. Actor Prakashraj boldly speaks his views..that too is political. A famous artist said that if we are cowards we will cause a cowardly society.

I will say the ideas that come to me. There is no rise or fall by birth. I stand behind the Dravidian movement because there is no difference between men and women.

I lost the opportunity to act in 3 films because I directed the film while I was busy acting. I don’t think about Dirkson now because it’s so busy and acting is just as much fun as touring.

For the last 45 years, Rajini sir comes to mind when I think of superstar.. It should not be changed.. For me, superstar is Rajini sir.. Even though the titles have changed over time like King of Eight, People’s Tilak, Actor Tilak, each one belongs to one person. Will people accept Rajini sir as Tilak? Since Kamal sir acted super in Dasavatharam, can he be called actor Thilakam? Sathyaraj ended his speech by putting an end to the superstar controversy that has been going on for a long time by saying, “Superstar means Rajinikanth.. World hero means Kamal.. Thalapathy means Vijay.. Thala means Ajith”.

Cinematography & Direction ; Mohan Dutch

Screenplay & Direction- (Creative); Shripati

Cinematographer (2nd) ; State Govt awardee R. Kalaivanan

Dialogue- Karundel Nagaraj

Editing-Madurai Valar Pandian

Fights; Jackie Johnson

dancing; Vasu Navaneethan

Art Director; K Madhavan

executive producer; S. Christie

Production designer; Vivek (Primerose Entertainment)

Public Relations; A. John