Disney+ Hotstar’s “Madagam

Directed by Prasad Murugesan and starring actors Atharva, Manikandan, Nikila Vimal and DD, the Hotstar special series “Mathakam” will be streamed on Disney+ Hotstar from August 18. Produced by Screen Scene Media Entertainment

In this case, the actors and technicians of the Madagam series met the friends of the press and media.

Cinematographer Edwin Sage said,

Thanks to the director. My wish is to work in Prasad direction. The story of a full night. Thanks to Atharva, Manikandan team for their support. Thank you all for liking this series.

Art Director Suresh said,

We have put a lot of managerial effort into the set work of this series. There was a lot of work involved as it was a night scene. The interest of the director was a motivation for us. We have given everything the series requires with true dedication. Hope you like it thanks.

Editor Pravin said,
This series is a good thriller story. I was very interested when I heard the script of the series. All the actors have given excellent natural performances. The cinematographer has worked very hard as there are more scenes at night. Darbukha Siva’s music is excellent and the music has helped the story immensely. I hope this work will definitely give you all a new experience, thank you.

Actor Manikandan said,
My thanks to the journalists who have supported my small efforts. The character that exceeded my expectations so far in this series. Most of the shooting of this series took place at night. It was the director’s work that encouraged us at that time as well. There are many minor characters in this series. But even though it is a small character, they have given a separate Menakedal for it. The cinematographer and director have given a non-stop job. After watching this work, it seemed to us that the director’s work was more of a success than our own. Thank you for definitely giving you an unforgettable experience.

Actor Atharva said…

Madagam is releasing now, but it started in 2018, 19. It was Gautham Menon who introduced director Prasad Murugesan. This story was first in the Bible. Many changes came. I was hesitant about how to come. Now the reason is Disney+ Hotstar, thanks a lot to them. Prasad sir wrote this story before Queen. Madagam story is very good. He has brought what he thought. Let’s make a sheet only at night. They took the light off and I was in doubt whether I would be seen or not. But I will be the best in acting. Now wherever I go, I hear about Manikandan. He also shot for 2 days and then they took separate pictures. Actually, Mani is a very honest person and it is a pleasure to work with him. Come and support on Disney+ Hotstar.

Director Prasad Murugesan said,

Any creation runs on a deep belief and thanks to the producer who believed in me like that. I was very interested in the ODTE site. It was a long time wish. I am very much indebted to the producer Sundar sir for this Madhagam, which was created two years ago with the idea of making a web series. There are many possibilities and stories for this Madhgam to continue not only with this part. Thanks to Darbukha Siva. Kitari has been working with me since the film and his music also inspires me. The cinematographer was a huge help and did a lot of manekedal to create the lighting at night. I owe a lot of thanks to Gautham Menon sir. After watching the film, Gitari had a lot of faith in me. He was also a major reason for the development of this series. Today the OTD platform brings it to everyone’s home. Thanks to actor Atharva, who trusted me wholeheartedly for this series. As such actor Manikandan is a great actor and I have a lot of hope that he will surely reach great heights. The work he put into this work was immense. I used to discuss many stories with him everyday. Nikila Vimal is the heroine of my first film, she is a mother to a one month old child and she has given her best performance in this too. Thanks to all the actors who have acted in this series. Without you this work would not have been created, thanks to all my team members. Above all, a huge thanks to the Disney+ Hotstar team, who have worked tirelessly to bring this masterpiece to the masses. I hope you all will like this artwork, thank you.
Manikandan of Good Night fame plays the villain for the first time in this series, Atharva plays the role of an honest police officer.